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Yoga – stretch your lifespan

Who doesn’t want to live a long and peaceful life? Almost all of us want to live life king size and be happy. However, considering our current lifestyle, is it possible to live long? Most of us do not follow a proper work-life balance, eat healthily, and have good sleep cycles. All of these have a profound effect on your life’s quality and quantity. We don’t realize that the peace we often look for subconsciously is present within us itself. All we need is a catalyst to drive that peace. Yoga can pretty much be that catalyst that can keep your mind and the outer surroundings in harmony and peace. 

Yoga also increases the lifespan of an individual. How? Because if one follows the principles of yoga religiously, then things like stress, unhappiness, etc., will automatically vanish from their lives. And happy people live for longer; we all know about it! Let’s talk about how yoga contributes to an increased lifespan.

8 Reasons How Yoga Helps In Increased Lifespan

Whether you practice yoga daily or have just taken your first yoga class, you’ve probably noticed some benefits – a relaxed state of mind, better sleep, or more energy. Although we, as ordinary people, are still in the process of discovering the many benefits of yoga, Western science is uncovering clues about this ancient practice and its effect on longevity and lifespan. Here are just eight of the many benefits that influence longevity and promote a long, healthy life.

Improves Bone Health And Density. 

Many yogic positions require you to bear weight, strengthening your bones and keeping you from developing osteoporosis later in life. When it comes to enhancing arm bones, yoga is especially beneficial because these are particularly susceptible to osteoporotic fractures. A large body of research shows that regular yoga practice improves bone density in the body.

Strengthens The Lymph And Immune Systems By Reducing Inflammation.

Yoga moves your body in a way that drains lymph, helps the immune system fight infection, destroys damaged cells, and gets rid of toxins. Meditation also appears to positively impact the immune system’s performance, both elevating antibody levels in response to a vaccine when needed and decreasing them when necessary.

Blood sugar levels are lowered.

Through yoga, you can reduce your blood sugar and LDL cholesterol while increasing your HDL. By decreasing cortisol and adrenaline, yoga has lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. It also promotes weight loss and improves insulin sensitivity. Diabetes consequences such as heart attack, kidney failure, and blindness can be reduced by lowering blood sugar levels.

Enhances Your Sense Of Equilibrium.

By practicing yoga regularly, you will enhance your proprioception (the capacity to feel where your body is in space) as well as your balance. Having a better balance may lead to fewer accidents. When we speak about older people, this means living longer and delaying or even avoiding the need for a nursing facility altogether.

Calms The Nervous System And Facilitates Deeper Sleep.

Modern society’s stimulation is taxing on the nervous system. Because yoga and meditation teach you to focus on the interior journey of your senses and remove all external stimulation, you will have more energy, be less stressed, and have fewer accidents.

Healthy Lifestyle.

Inspiring and improving self-care and healthy living are two of yoga’s most valuable benefits. Those who practice yoga are more likely to take an active role in their health and well-being, encouraging them to make healthier lifestyle choices. A healthy lifestyle has a long-term effect on life expectancy, as evidenced by numerous studies.

Studies have shown that practicing yoga consistently can help people live longer lives and have a higher quality of life. Knowing some of the many advantages of yoga may help motivate you to get on your yoga mat. Feel good about yourself because you do something good for your body by doing “post-yoga bliss.”

Improves Your Breathing.

Fewer breaths taken at a higher volume are beneficial to yogis since they are both relaxing and effective. Yoga breathing has been demonstrated to benefit persons with congestive lung failure and improve lung function parameters such as maximal breath volume and exhalation efficiency. Yoga encourages nasal breathing, which cleans, warms, and humidifies the air as it passes through the lungs. Whatever allergens and dirt you don’t want in your lungs are removed as a result, and asthma attacks are reduced.

Improves Digestion.

When you practice yoga, your digestion will improve because you will be moving your body in a way that allows food and waste to move through your system more quickly and efficiently. Dietary fiber and healthy digestion assist in reducing the risk of cancer of the colon and other digestive tract illnesses.

After reading the above points, there is no doubt that yoga plays a significant role in increasing your lifespan. Now, let us quickly list five yoga postures that will help you live a high-quality, long life.

5 Yoga Postures That Will Increase Your Lifespan

Anulom Vilom

Also referred to as Pranayam or the breathing exercise, Anulom Vilom has a significant impact on strengthening the respiratory system and also calming the nervous system. It also helps in getting rid of headaches and oxygenating the blood.

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation.

Surya Namaskar is the king of all exercises. Surya namaskar helps in regulating your period cycle while also facilitating weight loss. A salutation to the sun can improve the blood circulation in your body and help you deal with anxiety as well.

Uttanasana(Standing and Forward Bent Posture)

The benefits of uttanasana are immense. It helps strengthen the knees and spine, improves the functioning of the endocrine and the nervous system, and helps calm your back, shoulder, and neck. 

Uttanasana also tones and activities the muscles of your abdomen helps in stretching the muscles of your calves and hamstrings.

Kaki Mudra.

Kaki Mudra is perhaps the most enthralling one because it helps in toning the muscles of your face. It also strengthens the nasal passage and the respiratory system. Quite interesting, it also helps in cleansing the 5th chakra.

Sarvangasana or The Shoulder Stand Posture.

Sarvangasana allows optimum blood and prana flow to the brain. It calms and revitalizes the brain and cures various brain illnesses. It enhances the brain’s capacities. Relieves tiredness and improves memory. During this asana, you can hear the Anahat noises. It preserves youth and power by maintaining celibacy and controlling nightfall during dreams.


Yoga has been around us for ages, and not many of us actually understand the value of it. However, it is never too late to start practicing yoga as much as possible and in whatever capacity. Yoga is a lifestyle, a way of living. The sooner we adapt it, the better!

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