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5 exercises that are great for building arm strength

Fed-up with the tee’s loose sleeves? Done stitching the sleeves so it fits your arms? Say no more. Any attire that fits better looks better! So do the t-shirts. By the way, by clicking on this article you did the first step to rightfully own bigger biceps, triceps, and forearms. This is a guide to the most incredible exercises you need to do to grow your complete arm rather than just your biceps.

What if I tell you that your arms are not growing because you are always hitting them wrong?

And if you think just doing some curls is enough to build big arms then you’re wrong. Your arm is not just biceps, training your triceps, deltoids, forearms are equally important. You need to hit your muscles from a variety of angles. Even the Department of Health Science and human performance, University of Tampa, Florida approves this theory.

Now you may get confused to pick some new exercises, no worries we got your back! 

We present a few exercises that are basic and result in the most effective ones. A combination of good muscle mass and strength is ideal to have a strong arm. The below exercise will accomplish the goal to tone as well as increase the strength of your arms.

People generally focus more on isolation exercises like curls and kick-backs. It’s not like these are not good exercises, these are basic and have their place but just these are not enough. Instead of isolation exercises focusing more on compound movement, a combo of two isolation exercises results in more gains.

In this blog, or any other blog you can see the recommended exercises from other people. But the exercises which you choose for yourself must be according to you. If you want to use the body weight, do it. And if you want to go for extra weights, do that. Whatever suits you. Here are the 5 best exercises that are great for building arm strength, and uplifting your personality. 

1. Military Push-Up:

Military push-ups are one the most strict push-ups so far. It is mainly focused on building up your chest and triceps and it strengthens your shoulder, core muscles, and biceps. It’s hard, but if done slowly and steadily, you can achieve great form. 

Here’s how you can do it:

Get into a high plank position. With your shoulders width apart from each other. Keep your feet together as much as you can, engaging your core muscles. This will help you get into a straight line overall. Get your elbows down, ready for big pushups. Move them backside to target triceps specifically. Take a deep push back resulting in a high plank position. Be straight throughout and this will complete your one rep. Do this as much as you can. Three sets of 10-20 rep are enough if you’re a beginner.

2. Dumbbell curl:

Dumbbell curl is by far the most effective exercise. It primarily targets the biceps, and the main focus is majorly on the forearms as well as the shoulders. As the name suggests, it is done with the help of equipment, i.e dumbbells. 

Here’s how you can start practicing it:

Hold a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing arms at your side. Keep your core engaged, standing still shoulders straight and backward. Start moving your arm, lift the dumbbell making a 90 degree with your arm to the outside. It’s time to curl the dumbbell to the shoulder and to get your elbow in constant motion. Pause and repeat. With this, you can continue doing dumbbell curls. With each curl, you tend to feel inwards and it may disbalance you. Try to keep your core engaged to have better results. 10-15 rep each side with 3-4 sets is more than enough while starting. 

3. Triceps extension:

As the name suggests, it majorly targets the triceps while strengthening the shoulders as well as your core. It is ideal to either use a TRX suspension system. If not then, resistance bands can work fine too. 

Hang your resistance band as something to be pulled over, like a pull-over bar. Grip it in each hand. Make sure your resistance band is strong enough to hold the weight. Take a few steps backward, this will create tension in the resistant band and some challenges for you as well. The Further you go, the more the tension on the triceps increases. Hold your elbows and bend them at 90 degrees. Move your body forwards in such a way that the weight is on your toes, move your elbows until they are straight. Come back to a still position. This is your first rep. Do this multiple times. 

Though it’s a tricep exercise, only your forearms muscles must be engaged and whole body weight tension must be on the triceps. 

4. Bench dips (triceps)

Focuses on triceps and also strengths back, chest as well as shoulders. You need something to hold on to. Not necessarily a bench or something. Your bed is enough. It just must have ended up holding up. 

Sit on the bench, and hold the front edge with your palms with your fingers forwards. Keep your heels on the floor, and you feel flat, knees bent in front of you. While engaging your core, press your body down with your palms and lift yourself from the bench. Try to bend your elbow and lower your body. Push back triceps and get your arms straight. That’s one rep. 10-15 rep per set is good to get started.

5. Dumbbell shoulder fly:

It is mainly made to make you huge. Target your back of the shoulder i.e posterior deltoids and also the whole back in general. You have to exercise this from a lateral rise in a bent-over position so that it targets your back and not your shoulders. 

Here’s how you have to do it:

Get into a quarter squat position, move a little forward. Use dumbbells, with straight arms, slowly giving a minor bend to your elbows. Move your hand until it reaches your shoulder’s height and then slowly, engaging your core, move then downwards. Try to keep your back flat as much as you can and maintain a straight posture throughout. 

With consistency, and discipline you can build a great arm straight following all these exercises.

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