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Is it healthy to live on a vegan diet – what do you think?

For decades we were known to only two categories of food: Vegetarians and nonvegetarians (eggetarian were too was a term). But from the last few years or say decades we have seen a sudden incline on the word vegan. Say it online or be it an on-road campaign promoting being vegan. But what exactly being a vegan is? Let’s throw some light on this word “VEGAN”.

Going vegan means excluding all the dairy products from our diet and solely depending upon plant-based food. It is considered one of the most beneficial diets so far. Be it being nutritious or reducing the risk of several diseases. Several people have other reasons to go vegan. Some do it because of their health concerns, and to achieve some weight goal. Others due to environmental causes, concerning animals. 

Recent studies of 2018, said that 4% of the population in the United States have already gone vegan, and are promoting plant-based diets. It’s because vegan food is comparably rich in nutrients and drastically low in fats. Though, to have a sustainable life, you need to have other things than just a few nutrients, including iron, calcium, vitamins. The things which are majorly present in meat. So, in this article, we will let you know what someone should look for before going vegan and explain what a vegan diet is.

Vegan diet:

Vegan, which is now emerging as the new lifestyle generally excludes all animal, dairy products from your meals, diet. But vegan means eating foods that are made up of only plants. Such people, who go vegan for environmental clauses and not for any weight goals, are most probably to avoid clothes, like leather jackets, boots, etc. soaps, beauty products made up from any source of animals. 

And the one who goes vegan for a physical change, then they are most likely to see some drastic changes in the body. Such, vegan diet includes lots of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and beans which are good for digestion. This will help you in maintaining all the essential nutrients as well as vitamins. Below are a few benefits of living on a vegan diet:

A vegan diet providing you exceptional nutrients:

No matter how much we glorify going on Vegan, it is no doubt the hardest. When you go vegan, you have to leave every other dairy product. And thus there are chances of not being fulfilled with nutrients. You will be dependent on whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Now, when you will eat more of these, which is not otherwise present in the usual western diet. You will be filled with extra nutrients., like more fiber, plant compounds, and some beneficial antioxidants. Studies have also shown that vegan diets are richer in vitamins a, c, e, and essentiality of the body like magnesium, potassium, folate.

Each vegan diet is different from the other one. The poor vegan diet might not fulfill all the essential fatty acids or even vitamins, niacin, riboflavin, calcium, zinc, selenium, etc. which are quite necessary for a balanced diet. This is why most people don’t trust vegan diets or call them overrated. It’s because they don’t follow or make a good vegan diet, covering all the essential nutrients.

Healthier heart:

Recent studies 219 have shown tremendous benefits for the heart when it comes to the vegan diet. In it, the one who takes plant-based food more than animal or dairy products is likely to be at lower risk of heart disease as well death.

According to the American Heart association, animal products like meat, dairy contain a lot of saturated fats which is likely to be the reason for heart disease. Eating these foods leads to increased cholesterol levels, and it eventually leads to heart stroke and whatnot. Plant-based food is rich in fiber and thus along with being better for overall health, is great for heart health too.

When you’re on a vegan diet you take calories lower than ever, and thus you are bound to lose weight and not muscle mass. Let’s learn more about it below.

Vegan diet, to lose excess weight:

Many people go vegan by their sole choice, and that is to lose weight. As mentioned above you are on a calorie deficit, while you are on a vegan diet. So automatically our BMI is lower than an average person and now you are on a lighter note of the risk of obesity or another related disease. People do go on a vegan diet just for the sake of weight loss, but its immense benefits are the reasons for staying vegan. 

No doubt vegan diets are often the most effective way to lose weight. Recent studies have also shown that vegetarian or vegan diets have shown the best results when compared to 5 different types of diets for weight loss. A normal vegetarian person, not following a strict diet, has healthier skin, hair and also loses more and more weight. 

Less chance of getting any type of cancer:

WHO has said that almost one-third of all and any type of cancer can be prevented just with slight changes in your diet. In fact, it’s not just about cancer, any type of disease can be prevented if we follow a healthy lifestyle, including our cravings. Colorectal cancer can be reduced to almost 9-18% just by and legumes to your meals daily. If one such pulse can save you up from a higher risk of disease than man, the other effects of religiously following any specific diet. 

Studies have also shown that just eating at least 7 portions of veggies and fresh fruits per day can reduce your risk of dying from cancer by 15%. The vegan diet is all about plant-based food products and they have more legumes, pulses, fruits, vegetables in their diet and thus it also helps in fighting cancer and also maintaining general health. 

Soy products save you from breast cancer. Replacing animal products can help you reduce the risk of prostate, breast as well as colon cancer.

Though the conclusion was that every other vegan person won’t ever get cancer. All these studies have different results, as they have been made by observing different persons. 

You must have your reasons for going vegan, and not just go vegan looking at its benefits. If you don’t follow a vegan diet with your wish and will, then you will hardly see any of the great benefits.

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