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The recipes for your healthy lifestyle in winter

When we think about winters, the first picture that comes into our minds is of cozy blankets, hot chocolate cups, lots of presents as winters bring festivals with them, And just getting ready for the hibernation process. But practically, along with enjoying the cozy season the most, this current lifestyle, you can make it very healthy too. Ultimately, It wouldn’t be good to get all placed inside those cozy comforters and gain as many pounds as you can. 

Every lazy cozy winter evening will tempt you towards a hot chocolate cup or even chai or coffee, and you would wonder what harm it will cause?

Just one cup! 

The whole winter season will vanish in front of your eyes, managing you to look like a bear quite literally. This overeating just because it feels right won’t give you a sustainable lifestyle. This wonderful winter weather also brings you lots of infections and winter flu. It is very important to take care of your health in winter. You must take care of your health, and maintain a healthy lifestyle during winters, your future self. The body that you would crave in the hot summer look will thank you.

Why is it necessary to take care of our health during winters?

With sudden changes in the season, our body becomes unable to accept the weather changes. As the temperature decreases, it decreases our immunity too. Most of us are likely to catch multiple types of colds, flu. And you wouldn’t like to get your nose blocked every night because of undesirable changes. It won’t only ruin your health, immune system for the upcoming diseases, but will also make your festive season a lot more vulnerable.  

We hardly get a natural source of vitamin D during winters as sunlight doesn’t come often. But we must fulfill all these lacking nutrients, vitamins, and proteins through our diet. Here, we will tell you to have seasonal food, recipes for a better, healthy lifestyle during winters. 

Those are just cravings!

Every winter morning feels like taking every hot carb-rich food inside your body. Studies have shown that it is mostly because of the “winter blues” that we want to eat more and that too more carbs. It has some medical theory behind it as well. Because carbs help your body to create serotonin, which directly somehow lowers the intensity of depression. In simple words, More carbs make you happier.  

Try to mindfully have our meals, stick to what you have planned. If your body wants carbs, give it, but not too much. When you think your body is craving for it, include it in at least one of your meals. Try to play with your cravings. If you do so, then you won’t even overeat and fulfill every craving of yours. Adding carbs for lunch and lots of protein, veggies for breakfast, dinner makes it a perfectly balanced diet. 

Try to attach to the roots

Root veggies work like magic in the cozy winter season. Though it might be hard for you to get over melon and berries and whatnot, carrots, beetroots are your best friends during winters and can help you thrive and fight over cozy winters too. 

Summer seasons last for longer and make you habitual of the juicy fruits and drink, and it might be hard for you to get over them quickly. But the winter season’s fruits and veggies can give you the warmest experience if you know what to eat and how to eat. They serve the purpose of making your food colorful and flavourful. You can enjoy hot soups, tasty salads from them. With lots of antioxidants, beta carotene they fulfill the nutritional need, and seasonal shopping does make your bill go shorter. 

Hydrate, drink water!

If you are someone who doesn’t feel thirsty at all during winters, then you need to drink as much water as you can. Because you might be having iron deficiency. Water is always essential for your body. It’s not like you need it only when you’re losing a lot of water in the form of sweat, which means you need more water during summers only. You need to have enough to care for the basics of your body and maintain the level of the electrolyte as well.

Nuts, dry fruits

Dry fruits serve a great purpose solely. Nut smoothies, salads can make your meal more delicious and make you feel warmer. They are rich in protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids. 

They are the perfect option for avoiding healthy junk as a handful of them can make your day.

These are essential, which can be added with other food essentials to make your winter lifestyle healthier. Though you tend to catch the flu more than often during winters and you need extra hugs, blankets, and a healthy diet. 

Here are some essentials to beat that fly too

Eating proper, healthy vegetables, dry fruits, and nuts can help you increase your immune system, which eventually will protect you from illness too.

Vitamin E helps you to boost your immune system, whereas Vitamin C helps you fight various infections. 

These are necessary and can be fulfilled by tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, other green leafy vegetables, and citrus fruits. 

Broccoli, spinach is also rich in vitamin E. Sometimes, we do feel like we don’t need any essential care, diet during any seasonal change. But we do it because we have to protect ourselves from the upcoming infections and flu that come with the seasonal change. 

You should have your comfort food, but everything must be done in moderation, in control. Many comfort foods are seasonal and very delicious. 

There are ways to make every cozy meal healthy, by adding veggies, switching to healthy fats, and replacing this that will comfort your taste buds and also fulfill your healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is always a hard road to be on, but in the end, it’s worth it.

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