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How to choose the right gym class

“I’ll go to the gym” is the most repeated sentence while standing in front of a mirror irrespective of gender. It’s every now and then. A few do join a few do not, a few of the temporary but a few for life.

But before joining a gym do we even consider “Are we choosing the best fitness class for ourselves”?. There are certain factors that need to be kept in your mind before choosing the place you’re offering your body or physical fitness to. The most important factor out of all is analyzing what goal and image you have of the “future you” in your mind. Nevertheless, you should also keep in mind your current fitness level and the activities you enjoy.

This blog will guide you about a few of the most basic and popular options for a fitness routine, with the advantages of these classes. And till the end, you’ll be not only educated about ample options but also in a clear state of mind ‘which one you should join’.

You want to join a gym! But do you really need to join a gym? Be clear about this before even shopping for quirky and attractive gym apparel. You can see the personality who enjoy working out outdoors more than in a gym, burning calories on the ground, at home. If you’re someone like this, Then even the best gym is a waste of your time, efforts, and money.

Made up your mind? Kudos! Let’s move ahead to the process. 

So the 1 question goes like this; Why do you want to join the gym? 

Choose the most accurate one for you. If you say you don’t love cardio so now you can easily filter out the gyms that don’t have cardio options. For example Zumba, powerlifting, calisthenics, and more.

2nd is your list of “must-haves”. And we’re talking about “must-haves” not “nice-to-haves”. 

Many of the gyms out there are big and well accomplished with every possible machine you would need to work out, but lack the free weight area. So if you want to focus on strength training, isn’t such a gym with all equipment stopping you from your own bodyweight workout, pre, post-workout stretching, foam rolling a total waste for you?

 Now a few gyms have expensive memberships because they have showers and steam baths, is that what you’ll ever use? If not, then better go for a cheaper gym that fulfills your must-haves kinda gym. 

Extra tip here: Pre and post-workout routine is a must-have for every individual.

Now as we’re done with a basic to-do list before choosing a gym. It’s time to know about the types and best fitness classes for your goals.

What is best for weight loss and burning calories? 

 If you think it is a treadmill then you’re wrong! Spinning or cycling is the most incredible way to burn your calories. A single spinning session can burn up to 500 calories, and you need not do this daily. Twice a week and you’re good to go.

Have you ever tried a high-intensity interval training(HIIT) session? If yes, you know that you burn more calories than normal, not only during the workout even after stepping off the bike. Most people do cardio in order to lose weight and don’t ever do strength training. But you’re missing a lot. Moreover, a combination of cardio and weight training is also an incredible way for fat burning or weight loss. Where during cardio you’re burning most of the calories and with the combination of weight training you turn fat into muscle mass. The combination is magic.

What is best for strength training?

NO! It is not bodybuilding. Powerlifting is the best type of training for attaining maximum strength. Powerlifters mainly focus on strength rather than appearance. Powerlifting focuses more on lifting extremely heavy weights rather than focusing on fixed reps. And yes, being in the best form and posture is the basic rule. Missing out on a good posture during a workout can result in joint dislocation, muscle tear, and joint dislocation.

Powerlifting focuses on strengthening every muscle of your body unlike bodybuilding, where we focus more on building a single muscle. The prime pros of it are:-

  • Improves strength
  • Fat loss
  • Improves athletic ability
  • Better skeletal health
  • Stronger core & better posture

What are the best fitness classes for fun and meeting new people? 

ZUMBA! Literally doing Zumba is more like partying than working out. The difference is you don’t have to stay all night and drink. And the advantage is instead of a hangover, and headache on the next day you leave your session feeling exhilarated and happy. And a bunch of people to talk about this jovial feeling.

In simple words, Zumba is a solo activity, where everyone moves/follows steps in sync. In this high-energy environment, you meet new people, interact, and connect with different personalities. You dance and move your body in order to feel the most joyous and also lose some breaths in between. If you are looking for more fun and a duo activity to perform, you can try Kizomba, which basically originated in Angola. Here you pair up and groove with your partner following the music, beats. Anyways getting fit together is in trend nowadays.   

What is best for body balance, reducing pain and stress?

Ever heard of tai-chi? It is a ‘moving meditation’ in which you shift your body gently, slowly, and precisely with ample deep breaths. So a combination of tai-chi, pilates, and yoga can do wonders to your body when we talk about stress, pain, and body balance.

Anyone who is suffering from aches, pains and wants to boost the immune system while lowering the stress should definitely opt for body balance. Here yoga works purifying your body, soul, and mind while implementing calmness and positivity in all aspects of your life. Body balance improves your balance and stretching leaves your body feeling calm in the areas of pain.

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