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Best apps for workout music

Most of us need a lot more motivation to work out than just the thought of being fit. Music can be a great motivation when it comes to working out with immense energy and passion. If you don’t have headphones, you’re more likely to cut your workout short or miss it altogether, according to a 2014 survey.

As you can see, most people’s fitness regimens include some form of music. If someone forgets their water bottle, they’ll probably still go for a workout, but if someone forgets their headphones, they’ll instantly turn around, collect them, and then continue for a workout. People place a high value on music. That said, that may be a good thing.

It’s a lot of fun, but it also has a significant impact on your workout. According to research, it can help you get more out of your training. Yes, you read that correctly! You may improve your workout results just by listening to music as you work out! If you don’t have headphones, don’t worry. Most gyms have music playing throughout the building. However, if you want to work out listening to your favorite playlist, you can always carry your headphones and enjoy your workout with your favorite songs!

Benefits of working out with music

  • Listening to music while working out moderates your pain level. You are less likely to pay attention to the pain as you will be distracted enough by the intensity of the music.
  • Music not only increases your capacity to work out but also decreases fatigue.
  • Music can help you run farther, faster, or finish more reps if you’re working out while you’re listening to it.
  • It is a normal tendency of the human brain to synchronise the body’s movements with the beats of a song. Hence, music helps in making your workout or movements more synchronised.
  • Music helps in reducing pain because you never really pay much attention there while working out.
  • Music releases feel-good hormones are released when you listen to music (such as dopamine, oxytocin, and more). Cortisol (the stress hormone in your body) levels drop as a result. You’ll feel less stressed when these levels drop. It helps you get rid of your negative ideas and put yourself in a better mood. 

Now, fortunately, there are many apps that help you curate a playlist specifically for workouts. This means that there are specific applications that are designed only for workout music. This is an amazing aspect for all the workout and fitness enthusiasts because they no longer have to download songs and compile them into a specific playlist. You will have particular apps that just have and play workout-specific music!

Best apps for workout music

Let us quickly run through all those apps that will solve all your music-hunt problems for once:


Regardless of your fitness level or training program, RockMyRun has the finest workout music for you. Essentially, it’s a music app with a library of hundreds of workout mixes.

RockMyRun’s DJs put together the mixes. Fitness enthusiasts advise on the tempo of the mixes, which are made to match the tempo of various workouts. They also have a smooth transition from one song to the next. A variety of mixtures are available to assist you in reaching your fitness objectives. 

RockMyRun is the only app in the market that uses music synchronized with your heart rate and steps taken.

Many users prefer the app since they don’t have to make their workout playlists, saving them time. Instead, customers can choose from a library of workout-specific mixes created by our DJs.

Fit Radio

FIT Radio is one of the original versions of Apple’s fitness music apps, and it’s exclusive to iTunes. Each of their carefully crafted concoctions comes in different sizes and forms. The music is divided into categories like “exercise mixes,” “new mixes,” and “tap-and-play,” all of which don’t require you to make playlists or cache any files. The mixes, of course, maintain a consistent BPM and rhythm.

Although the free edition only includes three to six mixes per genre and is ad-supported, you do have access to new combinations and the ability to disable the song’s explicit lyrics. Paying for premium unlocks the whole mix archive, including unlimited skips and DJ profiles, without being interrupted by ads. For every additional dollar spent over a month, you’ll save $28 over a year. This app is suitable for Android and Apple users is rounded off by the excellent genre and station choices.


With the epidemic in full swing, Spotify has made it easier to make workout playlists. To create a mix for each listener, the business is introducing an interactive website called Soundtrack Your Workout.

Listening to podcasts and music can be mixed in a playlist that is up to two hours long. Listeners can also filter out explicit material. These include yoga, lifting, cardio, and strolling. They must also notify Spotify who they’re working with (either alone or via video call). On the next screen, they’ll choose their workout’s “mood,” such as “inspiration,” “dance,” or “zen.” Finally, they’ll pick their preferred music and podcast genre.


Runtastic offers you everything that a good workout music app should like tracking your speed, workout, pace, and so on. However, one unique feature about this app is that if you are bored of rejoicing with the same songs repeatedly, Runtastic has something exciting for you! Runtastic’s Running Story combines music and narration to create a unique listening experience. With headphones on, you’ll hear a heart-pounding story accompanied by music that will have you tapping your toes in time. Each narrative lasts around 35 minutes and can be downloaded right to your device, so you don’t have to use a streaming service while you’re working out.

Gym Radio

Gym Radio is an easy-to-use software that offers three different listening experiences: Cardio, Gym, and Hardcore. You can choose whatever you like based on the type of workout you will be doing at that particular time. The options in this app are limited, and hence, there aren’t a lot of possibilities to explore. 

There’s a web player for Gym Radio as well, and it doesn’t necessitate any installation. Gymradio.com’s web player can be accessed by visiting gymradio.com. Their app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows phones and tablets.

Spring Moves

With Spring, you get the best of both worlds: tailored music selections and 35,000 songs, plus the option to create your interval training playlists. You’ll know when Spring has arrived when the music kicks in. This spring is well-versed in the science of how and why motion matching to music works, and she makes full use of it. Spring doesn’t have a vast music library, but it has GPS tracking to keep tabs on the essentials like distance and your song-based performance to know what spurred you on.

Only Apple devices support Spring at the moment, and the free streaming time is limited to five hours. The good news is that Spring is compatible with your Apple Watch and Apple Health.

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