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Why taking time out can improve your happiness?

It’s 2021, the time of rush. Rush to get things done. There are multiple or almost everything to rush about. And we hardly give ourselves reasons to calm down, slow down a bit. Life has become an assignment and surely everybody wants to excel in it as well. Either we are too energetic to get things done or too low that we almost drain ourselves out. 

In this rush of securing higher pay, getting better jobs, keeping our loved ones happy, we often forget to take some time for ourselves. Don’t we?

Mental health is something almost everyone ignores in their day-to-day life when it comes to talking about their own. Everyone is a therapist for their best friend. Stress, depression, anxiety are a few of the most obvious issues. We do not give ourselves enough time to get past our stress, which leads to bigger things eventually. Taking your time from your usual work to do something that makes you feel alive or anything that calms your stress is the key to taking care of your mental health.   

You must have also noticed how all these mental issues can later affect our daily lives, your relationship, the one for whom you are burning yourself out. In the article below, we will tell you how you can overcome all these issues. Just by taking some time out for yourself and the immense benefit of doing so. 

Taking out some time for yourself, and doing any activity which makes you feel your breaths is a great thing for starting. Even if you are just sitting still for a few minutes. It does sound easy, but it’s difficult to sit down when there are thousands of thoughts rushing down your nervous system. Try these:

Pause: Every day, no matter how busy your day is going on and how you’re stressing yourself out for the next possible presentation. Try to pause and think for a moment. You can write down your thoughts, your feelings at that exact moment. Try to take small steps like:

Setting a timer for relaxing: Set a goal or a timer to do a task, and whenever your timer goes off. No matter if your work is complete or not. Move your body, relax your mind, and your muscles.

Visit down the memory lane: You can keep your photographs and the other things that keep you going on at your work desk. You can just go through all of them.

Feed yourself in between: If you’re strictly planned for the day. Try to have some food, or snacks for the cravings in between. Or if you want you can also take out 10-15 minutes to get up, eat and feel refreshed. 

Escape with your favorite song: What can hardly be done in 5-10 minutes of break, right? Everyone often thinks this, and then they stress about the day ahead. But just vibing to your favorite song for a few minutes can help you feel yourself again.

Going for a quick walk: You probably get so busy with the usual chores that you might not be moving your body and not focusing on how you literally feel. Well, instead of planning your next steps during your break or lunchtime. Try to go out, feel the breeze, and thank your body for taking this much.

Meet a friend: When in doubt, either go for a book or a friend. Sending time with your buddy can make your day a lot better. Though, it’s hard to find a positive self in each of your friends. But you can always call the one you want to. Trust us, you don’t even know how the time would fly. No matter how overwhelming your life is going on. An ear to listen always helps. 

By taking some time out for yourself, you would feel many emotions and can see some positive impact on your daily chores as well. You will feel:


When you take some time out for yourself, your brain, and your body. You feel better, more energetic, and also motivated for the rest of the day. Your body gets fed up with the same routine every day that whenever you give a quick rejuvenating break to it. It acts a lot better. 

We often don’t believe in taking breaks, especially when we have a tightly scheduled day. Mostly, because it has always been like that. But more than anything else, taking quick breaks must be 

there in your schedule for sure. 

Build a new perspective towards life:

Day to day life, looking at the same people, working on the same thing can be very exhausting. It automatically closes your doors of being used to new things. Watching life from a different perspective.

Taking some time out for yourself, from your daily chores can help you enjoy life. Whether it’s just a coffee break at a coffee shop or taking yourself a weekend out. Anything that makes you explore new people and eventually a new world. 

Open your creative side:

Creativity develops in peace. Creativity isn’t something to be rushed upon. There isn’t any rule or any particular thing to follow to develop and prove yourself as a creative one. Try not to stress yourself out. Look at the tips on how you can pause and relax above.

And whenever you’re ready, try to feel and unwind your creative side to yourself. 

Inhale productivity and exhale toxicity:

One of the most underrated tips to be productive is to rest. When you take proper rest and appreciate your time. There’s none more productive than you. But, it often becomes hard to take a rest when you stress yourself out for deadlines. 

So try to schedule your days, weeks in such a way that you never get drained out of it. Sooner or later, you will realize the importance of resting.

These were some tips on how to take some time for yourself and how it can have lots of positive effects on your life. 

A clear, as well as relaxed mind, will help you have better thoughts. It’s easier to be happy when you are not pushing yourself, to the deadlines, to the plans, and whatnot. It’s easier to be happy when you appreciate and thank your body and yourself for everything that it has been doing so far. It’s easier to be happy when you take a pause and feel love for yourself all over again.

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