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Music – A Powerful Tool For Positive Transformation

Life is unpredictable and full of different types of moments. The only thing we can control is the music playing in the background as we experience those moments. We all lead very different lives, yet we have something very significant in us – emotions. Right from happiness to stress and anxiety, we all are familiar with these emotions. Music is the artistic way of feeling and expressing those emotions.

Why is music considered to be a powerful tool?

Music is created with various instruments like guitar, piano, drums, and so on. Yet, the melody is made with the feelings of the artist at that given moment. Music has the power to make the listener feel the same sense. The comfort that lies in realizing that millions of people out there are going through the same phases does wonders in changing the way you think. This is how powerfully emotional music is.

Onto the scientific part, our brain reacts to the melody of the music picked up by our ears. The neurochemicals in our brain are triggered when the vibrations of the beats and tone reach it. Music is as calculated and logical as it is emotional. The tone of a music piece is always created with uniform and patterned notes. Every chorus is constructed with carefully curated notes, and this resonates with the brain as it soaks in the music.

Emotions you can feel through music and how it can affect your way of thinking.

Sometimes our surrounding atmosphere tends to affect us more than the ongoing problems or happy events of life. This is why we can be satisfied in a social gathering with our friends or family despite any stress. Also, we may feel sad even after achieving something or hearing good news because of the strained environment. Let’s look at the wide range of feelings you can experience through music and how it changes us:-

Positive emotions:

These are the set of emotions that every human desires. Every action and effort taken by them is focused on achieving these feelings. The positive set includes happiness, relaxation, a cheerful attitude, hope, joy, and many more. They make you feel good and appreciate the life you have despite the ups and downs.

Music with upbeat or relaxing notes with suitable lyrics can have this influence on you. The brain responds automatically to the beats and interprets the lyrics. This ends up making you feel those positive emotions the music tended to convey. You will have a bright and optimistic mood in no time if you listen to the right music your heart and mind need.

Negative emotions:

Often humans need to feel negative emotions rather than just hoping to change their mood to happiness. Negative feelings include sadness, regret, anger, jealousy, etc. These are the unwanted set of feelings without realizing that you can not feel positive emotions without them. Accepting and processing those feelings can be a difficult task, and music helps us in this journey.

A wide range of lyrics accompanies sad compositions of music to make the perfect song for every single feeling. Artists depict their stories of hurt and bad instances which relate to their audience. Aggressive beats with the same level of anger in lyrics are composed to acknowledge emotions like frustration and anger. Ominous music keeps up the creeps we feel from disgusting or scary instances.

How to use this influence for positive transformation?

Knowing the effect music has on you is not enough. It is essential to understand how to use it to your advantage. If you are looking to change your approach to life with an optimistic attitude or want motivation to change your lifestyle and be more productive, you can achieve all of this with music. There are many ways to make this possible, and here are some steps of the process:-

Reflect on what you need:

We face several new and unforeseen circumstances throughout. In each of these moments, the emotional and mental coping solutions can be different. Sit down a moment and think about what your mind expects and needs the most right now. It can be an opportunity to feel anger, frustration, resentment, or pain by crying aloud or singing along with suitable music. Or it can be a chance to forget the past and move on happily with memories.

Curate your playlist carefully:

Once you have figured out your needs for positive transformation, you can listen to those pieces after careful selection. Choose relaxing melodies to make meditation and yoga fascinating. Get some light-hearted songs for a book reading session. Don’t forget to add the most upbeat tones for a great workout session. Note down the activities you want to start including in your schedule and use music to motivate yourself to complete them. There are many songs about self-motivation too. Listen to those to feel good about yourself!

Don’t stick to the same music:

Change of pace is a crucial need of human beings. If you are stuck in the same loop, you will only feel the emotions associated with the components of that loop. Break the cycle and keep updating the music pieces to see how your body reacts to them. Take suggestions and associate various memories to music pieces. Have fun with the autoplay mode and discover something new every day to stimulate your brain in the best way!

A transformation from a harmful lifestyle or phase can sound quite intimidating. But trying is the best pathway to succeeding. Give yourself time and seek out a therapist who works with music if you need guidance. Patience is undoubtedly the most important virtue to possess in a transformation journey. The study of music and its influence on the mind will never come to a halt due to its various aspects. It will only get better for every music enthusiast as time passes by.

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