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7 scientifically-proven benefits of liquid diet

A clear liquid diet involves no solid form of food. You have to consume different types of liquids. Though people do misinterpret it with only having water.

There are ideal and unsuitable types of liquids as well. Like juices, green tea is the ideal one. Whereas, liquids with dairy products aren’t considered to be suitable for a clear liquid diet. A liquid diet can help you in many ways, from weight loss to cleansing your digestive system. The main goal of a clear liquid diet is to have an overall development in your body. 

Though a liquid diet is so easy to digest as well as help your body grow too. But it doesn’t fulfill all the nutritional value and should be done for a fixed time only, or in any specific medical condition.

In this article, we will let you go through what a liquid diet really is, its benefits, and whether or not you should do it. 

Clear liquid diet:

A liquid diet simply means relying on liquids as the source of energy for your body. Now, it can include anything from stored juices to homemade smoothies as well as protein shakes. 

It isn’t everybody’s cup of tea to make protein shakes and store them properly for future use. There are companies, specifically providing,” cleansing juices” for the people considering a clear liquid diet. 

A clear liquid diet provides you with all the essential nutrients for the body. Like calories and electrolytes. They can fairly help you nourish your body as well there are hardly any chances of being bloated. You are always drinking something in the liquid diet. Though if you are just thinking about getting started on a liquid diet. You can start with a partial liquid diet, having more liquid and some solid food in your meal.

The liquids which you must strictly avoid are soda, alcohol drinks, dairy products, any soft drink which has soda, vegetable soup.

Why should one go for a liquid diet?

There are different reasons for different people to a clear liquid diet. Let’s get into it. 

Getting into any medical procedure:

Before any image testing or medical procedure, one has to go through a clear liquid diet. because there shouldn’t be anything in your intestines. In these cases, the liquid diet is often prescribed by the doctor. As to fully examine what is the fault in the body system. 

Though doctors do ask you to go through the liquid diet before any major surgery like colonoscopy, endoscopy. But even if the doctor doesn’t, you must not eat anything before 8-9 hours of any surgery. 

After a medical procedure (recovering):

With lots of anesthesia, and other medicines. It often becomes hard for the patients to even swallow the food. People feel nauseous for several days after going through major surgery. But many are even unable to swallow the food only, which increases their chances of either throwing up the food or getting choked on food. 

It’s better to slowly start with a clear liquid diet, in these circumstances. Doctors suggest having water with ice cubes just a few hours after any major surgery. Then, shift to any major liquid diet. If you are going through any major intestine surgery, then you must be on a clear liquid site for several days. As your intestine is already weak and needs time to be healed.

Weight loss:

One of the most popular reasons for more and more people going on a liquid diet is weight loss. When you change your lifestyle and suddenly start eating healthy or drinking healthy, your body can itself feel changes, and later on, there come some visible changes in your body as well. 

With liquid diets, you can have less calorie intake, as well as the portion is also controlled, which helps people in losing weight rapidly as well. You must have seen the immense growth of cleansing juices and detox drinks in the last couple of years. Their craze, for particularly losing weight, is more than ever.

No matter how drastic changes they can bring to someone. There will always be some debate about the nutritional value one would be missing, during the clear liquid diet. 

Benefits of liquid diet:

There are plenty of benefits of going on a liquid diet. From weight loss to better functioning of other organs of the body to overall changes.

Helps in boosting metabolism:

Good metabolism to digest food easily is what many of us crave for our entire life. With a low calorie intake during a liquid diet, our body becomes habitual of how it must work with low calories, or in a calorie deficit and thus your metabolism becomes better. 

It is said and observed that metabolism becomes poor after leaving any diet, best liquid or any other one. Your body becomes how it was before the diet and thus, it is hard to get back the metabolism that was here during your diet.  

Weight loss:

Most people go on a liquid diet, the primary reason being weight loss. During a liquid diet, your calories intake changes drastically. Your lifestyle has almost changed. As you are completely relying on a liquid diet for all the nutritional value too. With such significant changes, it is mandatory for our bodies to lose weight. 

The main theory behind losing weight is being on a calorie deficit. More calories burned than consumed. People have lost 1 pound per day, being on a calorie deficit. It’s easy to lose weight during a liquid diet. But it’s hard to maintain that particular weight after the diet ends.

Cleans your body:

Solid food needs efforts from the body to get digested, dissolved, absorbed the essential nutrients, and whatnot. But when you are on a liquid diet your body has hardly had to do any functions, regarding food. And thus, the focus mainly shifts to detoxifying the organs of the body. A liquid diet helps to eliminate toxins from your body. Also, the liquids flow easily through the kidney. 

Overall improvement of the body:

You are drinking healthy when you are on a liquid diet. Preferably, homemade, stored juices, drinks, and shakes. You also have vegetables as well as fruit juices when you are on a liquid diet, and not on a clear liquid diet, which helps in maintaining the nutritional balance in your body. 

Better functioning of the body, due to calorie deficiency:

Though, being calorie deficient is not always the best option to deal with. But if you’re planning on losing weight, then a calorie deficit is the ideal way to do so. Your body gets into the habit of lacking something and thus works accordingly. It lets you prepare for not having calories.

Maintaining blood pressure and heart health:

Increased blood pressure and heart attack have been the top ways to die in the past couple of years. Then you get obsessed, your fat percentage increases, so does the cholesterol level and eventually, you are in danger. With clear liquid diets, you can maintain that gap, and have a clean diet or even body system. 

Boosting brain functions:

It is said that dieting, as well as fasting, have positive responses in brain function. It changes the way you think, increases your capacity for doing things. When you have a liquid diet, and you wait for your drinks, then you work faster, act better so that you can thoroughly enjoy your drinks.

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