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10 quick yoga tips for beginners

We all know that yoga is highly beneficial for our bodies and mind. However, some of us still hesitate to begin it. When we see Baba Ramdev, one of India’s finest yogis demonstrating yoga, it often leads us to believe in yoga. However, it works like magic for your body and soul, is very difficult to practice. While we may perceive yoga to be about many difficult poses and twisting, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that yoga can be done as per one’s speed and interest. Of course, there are plenty of apps and videos these days that can teach you how to begin yoga and what asanas you need to do to achieve what you want to. 

10 tips for yoga for beginners

There are a few things that you need to remember before you embark on the journey of pure yoga bliss. Let’s talk about all those tips needed for yoga for beginners:

1. Understand The Core Of Yoga.

Before you start anything, you must always understand and be well-informed about what you are getting into. Since many people believe that yoga is all about fancy bends and twists, it is not true. Yoga is a lifestyle change. It is the connection between your soul and mind. You don’t have to imagine yourself mastering it in a couple of days. Yoga is a process, and you will get accustomed to it with time.

2. Learn From A Qualified Teacher.

It is always better to learn skills from a proper and qualified teacher. Especially for yoga, learning under the guidance of a certified coach can help you avoid injuries and venture deep into the basics of the various yoga asanas. The philosophies and beliefs of yoga may not necessarily align with yours. However, a qualified yoga teacher can help you understand these philosophies in a better way. However, you need to keep an open and broad mind and be willing to learn and understand! This will not only increase your knowledge but will also broaden your vision of looking at things.

3. Practice Acceptance And Release Expectations.

Yoga is all about your mind and body. When you think of starting yoga, you need to accept your body as it is. This only means that once you accept yourself and love yourself for who you are, there is no room for any kind of complaining or cribbing. Appreciate yourself every step of the way.

Keep your expectations minimal. Give yourself time to grow, and you will see yourself doing wonders.

4. Notice Your Breathing.

Whether you learn about yoga from a teacher online or a teacher next door, it is all pretty much the same.

Breathing exercises are crucial, but learning to be aware of breath comes first.

From Kundalini yoga’s powerful mouth exhalation to a meditative yoga posture where your chest is filled with fresh oxygen, connecting consciousness to your breath is one of the most useful components of the practice for yoga novices.

Better sleep, less stress, and greater awareness of the present moment can all result from simply becoming more aware of your inhale and exhale.

Even if you’re unable to perform a few difficult postures, simply paying attention to your breath and carefully guiding it will have a significant impact on your overall practice.

5. Keep In Mind Your Medical Conditions.

You need to keep your yoga instructor informed about any medical condition that you may have. For example, yoga cannot be done by people who have had surgeries, sprains, or fractures. When your yoga teacher knows about your medical conditions, he can probably curate a customized yoga plan as per your health conditions.

6. Wear Comfortable Clothing.

Clothing plays an important role in the entire process of doing yoga. If you wear tight and flimsy clothes, you won’t feel comfortable at all, which will affect your mood and the asanas you do. In contrast, wearing comfortable clothing, preferably loose clothes, you can do all the yoga asanas without any irritation and obstruction. 

7. Be Regular And Consistent.

Nothing will reap benefits if not done regularly. Like how Rome was not built in a day, yoga too cannot transform your body in a single day. To see the considerable effects of yoga on your body and mind, you need to be consistent and punctual. People who can’t wake up in the morning may list it as an excuse not to do yoga at all. Although the best time to do any form of exercise is in the early mornings, time constraints should never hold you back from doing anything. If evenings suit your better to start yoga, so be it!

8. Eat Light Before You Start.

To start with the breathing exercises, you need to either have an empty stomach or you must have eaten your meal at least 2-3 hours before you plan to begin yoga. It’s also a good idea to drink three to four liters of water a day to assist in removing the toxins created during your yoga practice from your system. Before doing yoga, abstain from consuming anything caffeinated or alcoholic.

9. Warm-up Before You Begin.

Yoga asanas require a loose, flexible body; therefore, Sukshma Vyayam, or gentle warm-up movements, help the body become more flexible and ready for them. To get you started, try these simple warm-up exercises:

  • It’s human nature to instinctively put your hand on the top of your head when a mistake is made. These symptoms indicate that your blood circulation in your brain is poor, so get yourself a massage!
  • Make clockwise and counterclockwise rotations of your neck to loosen it up. 
  • Shrug off the sluggishness by pumping your shoulders and shaking your hands.

10. Smile And Don’t Compare Yourself With Others.

Being in a good mood will make your exercise even more effective. Always have a gentle smile on your face as this will relax your mind and body, and you will start enjoying whatever you’re doing.

Also, remember that every person is unique, and so is their journey of growth. All you can do and should do is concentrate on your development rather than compare it with others. Although yoga has become increasingly popular in recent times, it is not a competitive activity. Respect the process and be good to yourself.


Yoga could turn out to be one of the best decisions you would have made regarding your health if you chose the right path to go about it. The point is, when will you start? What are you waiting for? We all are aware of the benefits of yoga on our health and also mental peace. Then why wait? Let’s begin tomorrow!

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