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How to stay motivated as a beginner?

A little progress each day adds up to BIG results.

When you want to start the journey of being fit, there are several hurdles along the way. The first one is the motivation to start. All of us want to be healthy and look great but are lazy even to begin. And when we do begin, we start becoming inconsistent soon after. Mentally, we keep promising ourselves that we will start the next day again. However, laziness or our busy schedule takes over, and we don’t do as decided. The road to staying fit is difficult but not impossible. All you need is some motivation, hard work, and dedication. Let’s talk about a few ways that can help you stay motivated as a beginner.

10 ways to stay motivated as a beginner

Set realistic goals

Begin with short-term goals and work your way up to longer-term ones. Don’t forget to set attainable and reasonable goals for yourself. Overly ambitious goals are a surefire way to burn out and give up.

Consider setting a short-term goal of walking for 10 minutes five days a week, if you haven’t exercised in a while. Even if you only exercise for a few minutes each day, you will reap the benefits. A 30-minute walk five days a week as an intermediate aim would be ideal. A long-term objective could be to walk a 5K distance.

Make it fun

Find a sport or activity you like, then switch up your routine to keep it fresh. If your workouts aren’t motivating you, switch things up. If volleyball or basketball is your favorite sport, get involved in them and join a class or two! Learn how to dance or go the Zumba way. A fitness center or a martial arts school may be of interest. Yoga, HIIT, and kickboxing are all great options for those who like to work out at home. Walk or run in a park in your neighborhood instead. Find out if you have untapped athletic or other hobbies.

As long as you keep things interesting, you’re more likely to stay committed to a fitness regimen.

Snapshot your progress 

In an era where people photograph almost everything they see, taking an image of your body before a workout is not a new thing and not a waste of time and energy. Progress must be seen. You’ll reach a point where you’ll doubt your improvement since you don’t perceive it. Pictures of your progress help you appreciate your physical growth. Even if you can’t “see” the benefits of a healthier diet and regular exercise, the effort will pay off in the long run. Always remember to snap images every week. 

Include physical activity as a part of your daily routine

Don’t use lack of time as an excuse for not working out. Set up a time for exercise on your calendar just like you would for any other essential commitment.

You can also incorporate physical activity into your daily routine in little bursts. For example, you could also park further away and walk instead of taking the elevator. While the children are engaged in sports, stroll up and down the sidelines. During a work break, go for a walk.

Stretch, stroll or climb the stairs if you work from home. Squat, lunge or sit-ups are more options. If you own a dog, go for a walk with them. During your lunch break or when you’re watching TV at night, try pedaling a cycle, walking or jogging on a treadmill, or doing weight training exercises.

Practice self-discipline

Motivation cannot always help you win the battle. It can indeed get you a head start but cannot be enough to pull you through the entire journey. You need to follow self-discipline and be sincere in achieving your goals, whether short-term or long-term. The discipline inculcated here will also help you in staying disciplined in other areas of your life! 

Eat the right food

What you eat essentially makes up for who you become and what you think. What goes inside your body plays a significant role in getting your body boosted up for regular exercises. Your energy levels and progress depend upon what you feed your body. Whether it is the food you eat, the fluids that you drink, or the supplements you take, all of these need to be in the right quantities to get your diet sorted.

Record your progress on paper

What is your goal of working out? Do you want to get in shape? Do you want to improve your metabolism? Better sleep, perhaps? Or do you have a health condition that could get better with working out? Whatever it is, put everything on paper. Make it legit. Seeing your goals and progress on paper will help you to stay motivated and aim to deliver more.

Request friends or family to join you

You do not have to grind alone. You can ask your neighbors, friends, and family to join you to incorporate a healthier lifestyle. If your friends want to just go on a walk, accompany them. If your child wants to play running and catching with you, play along. Indulge in a particular dance session with your partner or just join a gym virtually or offline. Do whatever it takes, but just begin.

Go workout shopping

You do not necessarily have to go shopping, but if you happen to shop for workout clothes and other workout accessories, you are more likely to show excitement to work out in the coming days. But, of course, you have spent a certain amount of money on shopping specifically for activities, and that itself could act as a huge motivation to get you started.

Reward yourself

Every time you work out, stop for a few minutes to appreciate the positive emotions it fills you with. This form of self-motivation can help you stick to a regular fitness schedule in the long run.

External incentives can be beneficial as well. For example, a new pair of walking shoes or new music to listen to while exercising are great rewards for reaching a longer-term objective.


The most challenging element of adopting a healthier lifestyle is getting started in the first place. Once you’ve decided to begin working out and eating a healthy diet, you must remain dedicated to them. When things become challenging, go back and read this post. Discipline is more important than motivation if you want to stay on track. Eating well and exercising regularly will improve your quality of life by enabling you to focus on what’s essential in life.

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