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Music for stress management

There is perfect music for every situation, every mood swing. Music is there to simply release stress through its calming tones made just for you. Music can help you in your day-to-day life and is also used in fighting depression, anxiety in the form of music therapy.

There are recent studies regarding music therapy, which say it not only helps you to heal from past trauma or anxiety but also helps in the improvement of overall general health.

Music-making your life a little more stress-free:

Heard about dopamine? The hormone of happiness. 

Well, there have been proven facts that music can effectively help in increasing the level of dopamine. Right music according to your needs can help in experiencing calmness. It acts similarly to the way you feel after eating your favorite food, or when you get pleasure, being fully satisfied. 

Music has been, is, and will always be an important aspect of life. It’s not just about listening to music because you have to. It’s about relating, understanding the deep hidden meaning of those lyrics, and ultimately not caring about anything and just diving deep into the soothing experience music gives you. 

Other than how soothing music is. It also plays a vital role in celebrating any occasion. Be it a birthday, wedding, or an emotional funeral. Different types of music are there to trigger your various emotions. 

Despite being a medium to depict emotions, music helps in the overall development of your physical as well as mental health. As we move forward, we will dive deep into what music therapy really is, and how it can simply enhance our way of managing anger issues and release stress. This can only be achieved if music is used specifically to cure depression.

Every professional demand is a lot more than we usually think about. Healthcare is one of them. Being the frontline workers when the whole nation is going through something so dangerous can be extremely stressful. Recent studies showed that the nurses often used music to calm themselves down and prepare for the upcoming day during their break during the 2nd wave of covid-19.

There had been so much sorrow in everybody’s life recently, that music came in front as the only escape to have at least some of the time from the busy stressful life. 

How music can be helpful in day to day life activities:

Starting the day with a cheerful morning:

If you are not one of the people who put on the most energetic music while getting ready to kickstart your day. Then, you are missing out on a lot of fun. It is one of the most joyful ways to start the day and let the lethargic and boredom die. 

You can always go for classical, traditional music to calm down and meditate. With this, you will be ready for your busy day waiting for you. 

While traveling:

Traveling can be a real stress increase. You got late for your office and now you are stuck in traffic, and you just can’t hold your anger. There are multiple ways to handle these situations. One of them is that you will scream your heart out to a random stranger who is getting on your nerves and will ruin the rest of the day for both of you. Or you can simply put on your headphones, and soothing music is all you need. 

There are always two ways to deal with a situation, one is hard and one is easy yet dangerous in the long term. 

Cook your meal with love:

A healthy meal is crucial in such a toxic lifestyle nowadays. To ensure you are managing a balanced diet. It’s better to cook your own meal. Bt, people do find it quite hectic as well as irritating. 

To have a happy meal and not feel burdened while cooking it, you must put on a happy song, in which you can vibe. You will not only find the process more enjoyable but the food will also taste a lot better. 


Most of the people go to watch something to pass their time while eating. But it often leads to overeating, and till you know, you’ve eaten a lot more than what you wanted to. 

Whereas, when you listen to music while eating food, it helps you concentrate on your bites. You eat less or exactly how much you want to and it also helps you to digest the food better, improving metabolism. 

Compiling and cleaning;

Managing everything at its proper place can be therapeutic, only when you are not forced to do it. But won’t it be easy to find things when they are arranged in a proper position?

Putting on your favorite old songs, while going through random stuff and feeling nostalgic can make your day. Do give it a try!

Sleep with a peaceful mind:

Every day is not a way for roses to walk through. Some days you will be misunderstood for the stuff you didn’t say. Some days you won’t be able to let go of the scolding of your boss. Some days you just can not stop missing your distant loved ones. 

But never in life, do you sleep in a bad mood. No matter how shitty a day you had. Don’t let that go with you in bed. A lo fi music, which brings back many memories is all you need to have a good ending to the long stressful day. 

Music to fight depression and anxiety:

Peter Jampel says,” People use music therapeutically all the time in their life,”. “But when talking about music therapy, we’re talking about the intentional use of music to address specific areas of problematic functioning.” 

Music therapy is one of the most essential parts of stress management. It holds a great power to bring a change in your mind as well as in your body, as a whole. Numerous recent studies have shown the positive response regarding the impact of music on day to day of every individual who went through it. Music is used to release stress from personal grief. It helps you to relax, make your heart rate stable, and your skin better. 

It is advised to always keep the people close who share great music with you. It won’t take much time for music to be your best friend.

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