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11 ways to stay healthy when you sit at a desk all-day

Many professions require people to work the whole day on their desks. This means that you are supposed to sit at one single place the entire day. While this might look and seem easy and convenient, it isn’t. Staying at a particular place the whole day without any physical activity is not a good way of living life. It only increases the risk of heart diseases and, of course, weight gain. If you see your whole day goes by almost by sitting. Sitting in the car, then at the office, then in front of the television while having dinner! However, do not give up as there are many small ways by which you can try and stay active during your desk work hours. Let’s discuss them in a little more detail in this article.

11 ways to stay active during desk working hours

Take short breaks every hour

Working at a desk for long periods can be physically taxing. According to a 2008 study, taking pauses can help you focus better, leading to better performance. However, long periods of employment can be physically taxing. The Scientific American website states, “Maintaining uninterrupted focus or negotiating hard intellectual territory for several hours actually does expend enough energy to leave one feeling fatigued.”

To avoid feeling exhausted at the end of the day, take a few brief breaks throughout the day. When you’re not sitting at a desk all day, you’ll get more done and have more energy to be active.

Take the stairs and ditch the elevators

A study found that healthy persons should be taking at least 10,000 steps every day. If you’re stuck at your desk all day, that’s going to be a challenge. Of course, the elevators can be pretty alluring. However, they are not suitable for your body if all you’re doing is sitting at a desk all day! Take the stairs instead of the elevators. Park your car/bike a few blocks away from your workplace. Take a scenic path to your workstation. And don’t forget to take a few more steps during the day. 

Stretch or move in place

Sitting at one place throughout the day doesn’t mean that you can’t move or stretch. Take a break, perhaps every 20 mins. Stand up and stretch a bit. Bend down until your toes and touch them, do 5-8 squats, jumping jacks, or some side stretching. However too. This would be beneficial for your body as it will learn to be active! You can also take a walk to your coworker’s desk and come back. Small steps can help you achieve tremendous outcomes in the long run!

Walk and talk

It might be tough to move around when working in an office, so it is crucial to take advantage of any opportunities that present themselves. In this day and age of technology, teleconferences and phone conversations can be critical components of many businesses’ operations. Consider taking advantage of the situation to get up from your desk and walk around. Move around and stretch. Unless you have a pressing need to be sitting and taking notes, this is an excellent opportunity to get in 20-30 minutes of activity per day.

Eat your meals on time

Your job schedule might be stressful, and your calendar can become quite crowded as a result. Make a note of your lunch hour on your calendar and block it out. Too many times, the demands of the schedule can force people to adopt harmful eating habits. Making time to eat and scheduling it can be challenging unless you make eating a priority and set up a specific time. Make a schedule for your meals and stick to it to ensure you keep a balanced diet.

Stay hydrated

Water is essential at all times for everyone. If you want to keep your mind on track, focus on your work, look younger, and stay fresh, drinking the correct quantity of water is a must. There is just no alternative to staying hydrated. If your water cooler is located a little farther from the desk, it is even better because you will have an excuse to walk to the water station to drink water.

Eat smaller meals often

When it comes to being healthy, hunger is your biggest enemy. It impairs your ability to concentrate and can significantly contribute to overeating and bingeing on unhealthy foods. When you’re in the office, junk food is typically readily available, contributing to a lack of energy and a general decline in overall wellness.

Eating more frequently may be the answer! As an alternative to the usual three meals a day, research demonstrates that eating 5-6 smaller, healthier meals throughout the day can help you maintain your health and feel fabulous! It’s also a logical conclusion. By planning ahead of time, you can make wiser judgments and ensure that you have the correct type of food on hand when you need it. Furthermore, by eating before you experience the hunger pangs, you may maintain portion control and eat more healthfully.

Make use of your lunch break

It’s easy to skip lunch and eat at your workstation. However, eating at your work regularly is bad for your health and detrimental to your productivity. Utilize your lunch hour as a time to decompress and recharge your batteries. Take a walk around the building or go for a walk outside. Most people’s only time to themselves during the day is during lunch. It’s a great opportunity!

Avoid eating out

Restaurant cuisine is typically high in sugar and sodium, and hence, you can be sure that it will never be as healthy as your amazingly healthy homecooked food. Therefore, it is most advisable if you could pack your lunch and take it to work. The lunch could be a straightforward yet filling one, or you can also try and make something out of last night’s leftovers. 

If you do eat out, if feasible, choose fresh, healthful salads or other dishes. If you have a healthy lunch, you will be less tempted to snack on junk food in the afternoon.

Walk, jog or bicycle to work

This is one of the best ways to maintain some form of physical activity amidst your very unhealthy schedule with a desk job. Cycling is one of the best exercises you can do to get a hold of your weight. It will help you reduce your lower body while also building your core and leg strength. You can either walk, jog or cycle to work and make up for the lack of physical activity in your life!

Join work activities

Some companies organize various sports tournaments or physical activities in general. Participate in such competitions and be a sport. Don’t shy away from participation. When you actively participate in any sport that you like, you will also start training for the competition much before the competition is held. This will get your body started on a routine physical activity!


The kind of work we do and its location and other work-related things are not in our hands. However, what is in our hands is taking care of ourselves amidst any situation. Work is important but what is most crucial is your health because if you don’t have good health, nothing else is of any use, literally!

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