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Best health tips apps for your family

Staying healthy while simultaneously making sure that your family is also maintaining a healthy lifestyle can get exhausting. The motivation to lead this wholesome lifestyle can be burnt out due to the hurdles of tracking each member’s activities. Moreover, if they are into fitness, then it can get even more difficult. 

The teenagers of your family may be active, but their junk food intake is more than anyone. The timings of their meals are not too accurate or sound either. They are often found eating lunches in the evening and their dinner after midnight. This takes all the nutritional value out of the meals and only harms their body. But they won’t listen to you, will they? That’s just how it is!

Now think of one factor that will impact the way they think? Gadgets and the internet! Anything in the form of a post or an app automatically becomes relevant for the teenagers of this era. Not only them, but it also impacts the elder members of the family the same way. The elder members may eat healthily, but what about the required amount of exercise they need every day? 

Health apps have got you covered in each aspect of following and maintaining a fit lifestyle. They encourage you to exercise by tracking just how much progress you have made, how many calories you have burnt, and it also helps you see the change in yourself over time due to exercising. Many features have all types of exercises and workouts included in them.

The most common one is the step-counting feature. This track calculates the distance you have walked or run in kilometers or miles (basically any measurement unit of your choice). It also notes down the speed you were covering the distance in. the type of terrain you were walking, whether it was incline or decline, etc, are all noted in this basic cardio regime. You can easily track any other workouts and get tips regarding the same!

These apps have almost all dishes and ingredients listed in their database, along with the number of calories they carry. The proportion can also be customized while logging in to your meal to match what you actually consumed. The calories are calculated depending on the dish and the proportion automatically. Thus it is an excellent way to keep a detailed track of what you and your family eat throughout the day.

Some great apps ready for use

The Internet is a very fantastic place. You can find so many options for all your requirements except this sometimes poses a big problem. How can one determine which app is the best among millions and millions of options? Don’t stress out; we have the best health apps for your family curated in the list below with all the details you need about them! Let’s get started:-


This is one of the most versatile and practical apps available on the internet for fitness. You can browse through the numerous sections to see what features interest you the most. They have a vast collection of workouts and exercises in video format so that you don’t have to struggle to find the right one for you randomly on the internet. They have their best trainers explaining each routine and move, sharing additional tips throughout the videos.

They have all types of workouts, including yoga, HIIT, weight training, cardio, etc. they have properly targeted exercises for the upper body, lower body, and entire body. Along with that, they have modes for everyone, which include workouts for beginners to experienced individuals. Live classes are also scheduled throughout the days!

They provide online doctors for consultation, and this also includes therapy. The app also features all the necessary guidance for meditation. One can also order food and get instructions from the nutritionist available through the app. You can share and use all these functions with your family by connecting your accounts!

Samsung Health:

Millions of people use the Samsung health app due to its simple yet effective nature. It tracks your steps and shows your active time. It has various workout modes, and you can have a friendly competition with your friends and family by adding them to your account. They also have several workout programs that target the core, abs, shoulders, glutes, etc.

Another useful tracking feature of this app is the sleep and food tracker. Once you start logging in your sleeping hours, the app will help you get a more optimal and comfortable sleep. You can meditate by following their guide. All kinds of goals can be set in these apps, like distance goals or even calorie goals.

Apple health app:

The apple health app is an excellent option to document all the reports and checkups history of the family. They provide the best tips after studying your lifestyle. These tips include workout advice, health consults, and more. Many doctors and experts associated with the app will help and consult you in the most beneficial way.

The apple health app can also track your steps, exercise timings, food consumption with the nutrition value, and sleep routines!

Mi Fit:

This app is also famous for its very convenient way of working. You can get all the features found in health apps, including sleep, calorie, and workout trackers. Along with that you can pair and connect this app with your MI Watch for logging in additional details like your heart rate, blood pressure, and so on. This is an excellent way to stay informed about your family’s health.

healthifyMe Calorie Counter:

Just counting your calories isn’t enough sometimes, and this app understands that. This app counts and tracks your calories, suggests many changes while also giving you tips to enhance your lifestyle. If you or your family have any medical conditions, they will be noted and considered while providing these tips.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can seem scary, but with the help of your family and these apps, it will be an effortless journey for you!

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