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6 tips to reduce your heart disease

Many little things lead to heart disease. Though it doesn’t seem like such a big deal. But many tiny things inside your body eventually lead to heart disease and yes, not everything leads to heart disease or ultimately becomes the reason for death. 

This article will bust your myths about heart disease and how you can reduce the chances of heart disease. There are numerous causes that you can never change about heart disease. If it is inherent, then there’s no going back, you can or cannot have heart disease, it kind of depends on yourself about how strong your body is. Here are some tips about how you can reduce the chances of having heart disease. 

1. Don’t smoke or use any tobacco:

If you’re a regular smoker and are reading this article, then it’s high time you must quit smoking. You must have recognized at least some symptoms by now, and it’s not good for you to even sit with or in front of any passive smoker, as it indirectly affects your heart, lungs, and whole body. 

It is because the chemicals from which cigarettes and tobacco are made can destroy your heart and blood vessels. Your heart has to work more to pump more blood. As cigarette smoke reduces the level of oxygen in your blood, it eventually increases your blood pressure and heart rate to pump enough oxygen towards your body and brain. If you quit today, you will see visible changes in your body automatically. Even your risk of heart disease would also be reduced as you gradually quit smoking. 6 months without smoking, and you will see a new you, in much better health too.

2. Maintain your blood pressure level:

Half of the population of the U.S suffers from hypertension, high blood pressure. Lifestyle has changed of course it’s chaotic, more toxic, and competitive than before. And that is directly affecting the physical health of most individuals. Hypertension, blood pressure can be the most obvious reasons for heart disease. You can control them. Like high blood pressure by exercising and healthy eating. You must lower the intake of your salt, and it will show some quick effects on your condition.

With high blood pressure, you tend to feel more fatigued too, and getting tested especially for weakness and proper sleep is a must before it reaches deterioration of your inner body conditions, especially heart.

3. Move, and get active!

No offense to any kind of body positivity, but if you keep on adding pounds to yourself, you’re most likely to get various diseases, including heart disease too. People who don’t move much, or don’t have a regular habit of exercising are more likely to get affected by various diseases and also have a shorter span of life. 

Starting with a quick 30 minutes of workout and gradually moving towards 60-70 minutes can show great improvement in your health conditions. Physical activities can not only help you in reducing the chances of having diseases like 2 type diabetes, high blood pressure but also help you in reducing and maintaining weight.

Different types of workouts help you in reducing heart disease, like quick HIIT, cardio, and even moderate household activities like house cleaning, gardening, and taking stairs instead of lifts. You will see changes in yourself just within a few days by increasing the frequency and intensity of your workout.

4. Improve your diet:

A balanced and nutritious diet can help you glow inside out. It improves your blood pressure, cholesterol, protects your heart, and eventually reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. You must include vegetables, fruits, beans, pulses, legumes, whole grains, and healthy fats like olive oil. And if you are a non-vegetarian, then you must add frequent lean meats, fish. Just try to have low-fat and fat-free dairy food if you’re having them.

If you can see changes in yourself regarding your heart, then you must limit a few ingredients from your overall diet in general like sugar, salt, any processed food. Because they have carbohydrates, saturated fat, dairy products, trans fat is mostly present in chips, baked food, and alcohol as well. 

5. Manage your stress:

Stressing out almost everything can be the one sole reason for many diseases and ruining your mental health too. Stress can affect your blood pressure, cholesterol levels. There are two types of tension, stress eating. One makes you eat more, actually very much more and one makes you eat a lot less. Neither of them is good for that matter.

Stress smoking is also a very real situation. As you find it the only escape from your stress. Assistant professor tan says that”. Research has shown that after 2 hours of an angry outburst, a person’s risk of heart attack nearly gets multiplied by 5”. Though it is indeed hard to cope with this level of stress, it isn’t something unachievable and you must fight with your inner self to be better both physically as well as mentally. Get into stress relief groups or in yoga to see how well you do. Know your mental state, and how it reacts when you start to stress out. 

6. Get quality sleep:

No matter how much one emphasizes having a good tight sleep. People still won’t ever consider sleep as the solution to most of their health-related problems. A good sleep of at least 6-7 hours can help you reduce stress, keep in isolation, make your skin glow, and will maintain proper health too. A lack of sleep is more dangerous than just feeling fatigued throughout the day. It increases your chances of several diseases, like anxiety, depression including heart disease. 

If you have had a long day, and you find it hard to sleep, then listening to good music, can help. But if you still face more issues then you must consider a doctor to check if you have any other sleeping issues. 

By bringing these changes, and following all these things, one can reduce their chances of having heart disease.

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