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Fitness tips for men in their 30s

Are you an individual in your 30s, looking forward to starting a new healthy life? If yes, then this is the guiding piece of information for you. Many men in their 30s usually tend to neglect their health due to their busy schedules of work. Besides, it isn’t quite uncommon to notice men spending long hours of their work sitting in front of computer screens. 

However, it is quite important to realize that it is easy to develop various harmful health conditions in the age gap between 30- 40. Besides, your body may not be prepared enough to start a new routine at such an age. You will need to therefore take it slow and steady, and then gradually increase the intensity of the activities in your fitness schedule. A few of the fitness tips are mentioned below for your convenience. 

8 Fitness tips to lead a healthy life in your 30s

1. Eat a balanced diet

This is one of the most important fitness tips for a man in his 30s. With age, it is quite common for an individual to neglect their eating habits. However, this can lead to various conditions such as obesity and high cholesterol in the long run. Limiting junk food and avoiding various sugary drinks can help you in many unexpected ways during your fitness regime. 

A balanced diet should ideally contain the required nutrients. In fact, there should be a good amount of protein as well as healthy carbohydrates on your plate. Many people usually resort to a customized diet plan from their nutritionists. Besides, it may be beneficial to keep a track of your calorie count in a day.

The fact that you are what you eat is indeed true. One may notice numerous beneficial changes in their body once they start following a good diet. Besides, it is also crucial to drink lots of fluids. Resort to water and fresh juices instead of sodas and various other sugar drinks.

2. Make exercise a routine

Indeed, exercise is quite important, and diet alone will not be able to help much. It is recommended that you exercise at least twice a week. Whether it be planks or even powerlifting, almost every form of exercise routine can help an individual lead an active life. 

Although it may be a bit difficult to stick to your new fitness regime every day, you can boost your confidence by waking up early and planning out a timetable. Initially, it will be challenging, however, with time, you will surely get to reap the benefits!

Hiring a gym trainer can provide the everyday motivation to work out. You can also go for a nice jog during the mornings to improve your overall mood as well. If you are an adult in your 30s, it may turn out to be quite advantageous to work out in the morning. Some of the best exercises that you can do in the morning include planks, push-ups, lunges as well as powerlifting. 

3. Consider starting the day early

When you start your day early, you will have a lot of time to plan things ahead. This way, you will be able to achieve your targets sooner. In short, it is a recommendation that you consider waking up early. However, make sure that you get a good sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours.

4. Opt for a relaxing night sleep

Many people today usually have a habit of checking their phones right before they go to sleep. Thus, this necessitates a routine of ‘gadget detoxification’ at least two hours before you go to sleep. Consider turning off your Wi-Fi router before going to sleep. Apart from that, it may be beneficial to keep your phone on airplane mode. Thus, these two simple tactics can prevent you from getting distracted, as well as give you a good night’s sleep!

5. Do not stay inactive for too long

Men that have to spend long hours sitting while working are usually more prone to various health conditions. Thus, this is mostly due to the fact that your body is continuously inactive from sitting and is therefore storing the excess calories instead of burning them.

It is therefore recommended that you take a small break every twenty minutes while working. You can walk around or try any form of activity that involves staying active. In fact, you can resort to doing anything other than sitting. 

6. Do not overstress your body

It isn’t quite uncommon to see many individuals overstress their bodies while working out, in the hope to see results way early. Overstressing your body can lead to many injuries or permanent bone damage. Therefore, you will need to make sure that your body gets enough time to rest after an intense workout. Apart from that, it may also be necessary to give your fitness schedule a time out especially when your body asks for it. 

7. Consider having routine check-ups with your doctor

Having routine check-ups with your doctor can help you determine any underlying health problems that need urgent treatment. Apart from that, you can also track your health-wise progress with consistent appointments. Another advantage of going for a routine check-up is that one can limit their overall risk of complications before they become fatal.

8. Consume the required supplements

It may not be possible to consume all the nutrients from a balanced diet alone. In such situations, consuming supplements may help. Consider booking an appointment with your doctor to figure out which nutrient needs special attention in your case. It may be beneficial for men in their 30s to go for Vitamin D supplements or even magnesium and potassium supplements. 

One of the most important aspects to consider before purchasing supplements is to read the labels carefully. Many times, your body may not be compatible or may be allergic to some of the substances in supplements. Therefore, make sure to read the labels carefully or consider seeking medical consultation before purchasing any edible product. 

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