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Natural foods vs organic foods: which one is better for your health and why?

Most of us, in our layman language, call natural as organic and organic as natural. Though both these terms are used interchangeably in common language. But there is a vast difference between them. Especially when it comes to natural as well as organic food

The modern lifestyle is not the healthiest lifestyle one can live in. We can even call it quite toxic. Spending hours sitting in front of the screen. Hardly moving body to have proper regulation of every part of the body. In such a scenario, having a balanced diet with nutritious food is more than important.

It’s a necessity. 

Eating junk food is even a part of life, only if it’s done occasionally. So what should we really eat?

Aren’t natural foods the best? As they are from nature itself. (what common people think)

What about organic food, are they really safe and even better than natural food?

In this blog, we will clarify the difference between natural as well as organic food. And also let you know the benefits of the same.

Natural foods aren’t the purest food. They are considered as food that is hardly processed and doesn’t contain any other artificial thing, substance. Though most of the manufacturers use the ‘natural label’ even in the most processed food, which is ethically wrong.

When it comes to organic food. They are meant to undergo most of the food regulating systems. They don’t contain any antibiotics, or even when they are growing, no pesticides are used whatsoever. The animals which produce few food items don’t consume any growth hormones either. From animals to soil to packaging, all of it is organic and no artificials are included in them.

Many say organic food is the best, mostly better than any natural food. But it is not completely like that. Whether or not any natural, organic or any other food is better in the latter one, mostly depends upon the time of harvestation rather than its process of growing up. It is said that the fruit grown earliest aren’t always the sweet ones. 

Most people choose organic food over natural food, not only because of its nutritional value but also for how less harmful it is for the environment. Organic food is grown mainly using composed fertilizers and not any artificial filters which don’t even affect the soil. Environment lovers and many others accept paying high rates of organic food because of how environment friendly they are.

Not only this, there are many other benefits of organic food. Let’s get into them.

Overall health is maintained:

As described, there are hardly any artificial fertilizers or other harmful materials used in organic food. They don’t contain any harmful chemicals that can affect your body and overall health.  

Its production mainly uses natural techniques of harvesting. Like crop rotation from season to season. It doesn’t only help in producing better crops. But also in avoiding pests, disease and also maintaining the fertility of soil as well.

High antioxidant content:

Overall health can be easily maintained with the help of antioxidant content. There have been scientific studies regarding the surprisingly positive effect of antioxidant content on the overall health of organic food. Organic food doesn’t contain any element that could react with vitamins, minerals present naturally and thus there is hardly any chance of it getting corrupted with chemical food elements.  

Helps in improving heart condition:

There is an acid present called CLA, conjugated linoleic acid, which is found in most animal products that graze the grasses heavily. It is found in meat as well as in dairy products of the animals who have undergone the process of grazing heavily in the sun. This acid works great for keeping a healthy heart. Not only this, but it also has the potential to increase cardiovascular protection.

No compromise on taste:

The later you ripe the fruit the better. heard it?

Let us tell you it’s one of the truest sayings. Often, the natural food is ripped earlier even before they are actually ready to be consumed. It has been done with the help of malpractices and it’s not the ideal way to eat food. Including nutritional, mineral value in organic food is also high. They also taste better than natural food because they are given full time to mature and are then ripped off.

One of the other main reasons for their wonderful taste is the natural methods they are grown with. They are grown with some natural techniques and are considered to be better in taste because of it as well.

Powerful immune system:

The quality of the immune system has been decreasing with age. Earlier people used to have a strong immune system because of the lifestyle they had of healthy eating. The traditional or industrial farming practices aim at enhancing production and farm output by all means necessary. For example, eating more fiber-rich food, fulfilling all requirements through fruits and vegetables, and for protein, they used to rely upon meat sent in the environment. though, the conditions of the immune system arent that devastated yet. But as we move forward with the younger generation mostly consuming packed food. It won’t take much time for the poor immune system as well as the digestive system.

Saving environment:

You must have heard that it is high time for going organic because of the multiple factors our environment is degrading.

Organic foods are grown in such a way that they hardly affect the environment. It doesn’t use any chemical fertilizers. There is hardly any pollution regarding water, air, soil. Organic farming’s main goal is to have sustainable food habits for the long term. 

Always ensuring the healthiest food:

Till now we got to know, organic food has to go through so much, such a strict pattern to actually classify itself as organic food. There would be hardly any chemical fertilizer used in organic farming. They are tasty, healthy, and can be preserved for a long time and that’s why if you’re consuming organic food, there’s a high chance of always consuming the better as well as healthiest food.

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