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10 common misconceptions about health & fitness

Getting into your fitness journey, and feeling completely lost about what really should be done and what not?

Welcome to the club, my friend! 

You are not the only one, who is so done with every random stranger telling you what and how you should be in your fitness journey. The moment you start getting into fitness, the whole world will tell you about crash diets (fruits diet, liquid diet), spot reduction techniques, and whatnot. It feels like suddenly everyone is a “fitness guru”. 

But instead of getting misguided by all of them, you should know a few myths about health and fitness and what really works for you. In the following article, we will burst out the saddest “facts” about health and fitness. 

Don’t lift – you will be bulky!

If you haven’t been lucky enough to get a certified nutritionist. You must have heard about this a thousand times. Especially if you are a girl because girls shouldn’t look buky, right?

Lifting weights is as essential as doing cardio, even more. It not only gives you strength but also increases your muscle weight. By lifting, you won’t get biceps, triceps. It requires a planned nutritional diet to do so. And if you are a woman, looking forward to getting bulky, it is not an easy journey. It’s harder to gain muscle mass for women, as their body is not structured in that way.

Use muscles or let it degrade to fat:

There’s a saying, “Don’t stop lifting, otherwise, you will lose all muscles and it will eventually convert into fat”. muscles and fat are two distinct things. Muscles are made from the high intake of protein, whereas fats bulge from lipids. You can see the cellulite portion in your love handles too. 

Thus, muscles and fat cannot be converted into one another practically. You lose muscles for sure, only when you are not consistent in lifting, but it won’t be converted into fats.

You cannot achieve anything from a 30-minute workout:

It’s a big misconception in everybody’s mind, that you need to work out for 4-5 hours to have the body of your dream or lose weight fastly!

A good 30-45 minutes of workout is more than enough if you’re looking forward to beginning habits for a healthy life. 

Only Exercising in the morning gives your best results:

This is the most common as well as most senseless saying you will hear from every other person. The exercise will affect your body the same way, no matter at what time you do it, be it morning, afternoon, evening, or even late at night.

You must schedule your workout routine accordingly. If you arrange time out of your daily schedule for working out, there are high chances you won’t be able to do it. So try to include your workout in your routine only. 

Though there are benefits of exercising in early mornings, like getting fresh air, watching the sunrise, getting vitamin D. 

Wasting efforts by not eating clean:

People spend hours at the gym, just to excuse themselves for eating junk they want. They even recommend others to eat whatever they want on the weekends. 

Is it sustainable?


Isn’t it like wasting your sweat on a few moments of pleasure?

Well, you can eat everything you want, just monetization. You must have portion control. 

Comparing your fitness journey:

Whenever someone starts their fitness journey, there is a misconception in everybody’s mind, to be on the same level as everyone else in the field of fitness.

Everybody is different, just like every person is different. To have a long flexible stretch, one must have put years into practice. You cannot have that in just day one!

Comparing your fitness journey will not only be toxic but also a hurdle in your improvement and growth.  

Spot reduction:

Do this exercise to lose belly fat in 15 days!

By now, You must have gone through different videos with this title. But, is it possible?

No, you cannot do any spot reduction. There are exercises made just to focus on the particular part of your body. But when you lose weight, you lose the overall weight and not only from your arms or chin.

Coconut water – The best energy drink:

No matter whether you like coconut water or not. Every other naive fitness enthusiast is obsessed with coconut water. Energy drinks are meant to be high in potassium to keep your body’s energy level balanced. And medically proven, coconut isn’t rich in potassium. So, now you know the answer. 

Don’t eat carbs:

A balanced diet includes all essential nutrients for a body to grow and function properly. Your body needs carbs as well. The misconception of excluding carbs and fats, to be healthy has been going on for a long time. You do need more protein. But it’s not worth craving yourself so much and getting nothing at the end of the day. 

No pain, no gain:

The misconception of not getting pain when you workout is the worst. People are meant to enjoy their workout, rather than obsessing with pain. 

You do feel a great stretch as well as soreness if you target a particular muscle of your body. But that in no way means any workout should hurt you. 

The more you sweat, the more weight you lose:

You can sweat extremely more if you wear jackets on a hot summer day! But will that make you lose weight? 

No, right!

Sweat does show how intense your workout has been, but it cannot be considered as a parameter to lose weight. 

These were 10 common misconceptions about health and fitness. You must have listened to them, no matter how experienced you are. If you have just started out your fitness journey, then lucky for you. You already know about the common myths about health. 

For more such health as well as fitness-related blogs, do check out our website.

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