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Tips for healthy morning breakfast

They say breakfast is an important meal of the day but is it when there is nothing healthy included in it? Well….we all know the answer, and we indeed are not proud of it. So what can we do to give this breakfast the title it deserves? Curating and eating a healthy breakfast is going to be a hassle, right? Not after you go through the tips mentioned in this article!

Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day?

In these speedy and busy times, we all are already convinced that skipping breakfast is a good choice for our schedules. In reality, it is far from that. Breakfast is the first meal we have when we wake up from our 6-8 hours of a good night’s sleep. These 6-8 hours act like a fasting period since our bodies don’t get food or water when it is asleep. So naturally, when you wake up, you are low on sugar and energy. And you cannot think about or achieve a productive day when you have no energy. Breakfast gets up and going in all aspects of what your body needs!

If the time restraint is not holding you back but the diet restraint, you can easily chuck those thoughts out the window. Breakfast is a perfect option if you are looking at weight loss options too. If you skip this meal, then naturally, you will be pretty hungry until lunchtime. This may lead you to overeat during all meals of the day. And if you are into diets for weight loss, you will know that moderation is always the key to it. You can simply avoid this with a breakfast that wakes you up and boosts your metabolism first thing in the morning. You can use our tips to include essential nutrients in your breakfast to get a healthy meal to make it more beneficial!

Some tips to make your breakfast healthy 

Whether you have to get out the door in 10 minutes or you have two hours to prepare your breakfast, thanks to an early start, we have got you covered for all situations! But first, let us see what nutrients should be included in your meals according to what your body needs:

A homemade meal is a way to go.

We can’t deny that picking up a cereal box from a supermarket is way easier than cooking up breakfast on your own. But eventually, is it worth it? You get to decide what your body needs from the first meal of the day. Along with that, you can add variety and even choose how much time you can dedicate to create the feed. You can prepare a high fibre wrap to have it on the go for a busy day that helps you stay full, or you can also cook up multiple dishes for an elaborate and relaxing breakfast. This way, you don’t have to worry about the ‘whole grain’ or other claims on cereal boxes being false or true!

Pack a punch even in the quick grabs.

Don’t compromise on the nutrients levels just because you are on a time crunch. Here are few things you can whip up in no time:

  • Salads: Chopping and assembling ingredients doesn’t take even 15 minutes of your time. Fruits or vegetables, both can make up a breakfast packed with all the goodness in the world. 
  • Wraps: a quick wrap can save you the trouble of sitting down and hurriedly eating your meal. You can add bacon, eggs, and vegetables to this wrap for a full and healthy meal. Don’t forget some spices to take the savory level to the max!
  • Smoothies: smoothies are a lifesaver when it comes to strict schedules! A fruit smoothie with berries or bananas with the addition of yogurt, nuts, and honey can set you up for a bright and vibrant day. The same goes for a vegetable smoothie. 

You can prepare these meals ahead of time. Even thinking of what ingredients to add to these meals can make breakfast cooking easier for you.

Know what to avoid

Everyone has different goals, but the standards of a healthy breakfast are the same. Sugar can be one of the worst additions to your breakfast if the limit is not controlled. Sadly most of the endorsed breakfast meals have sweet flavors as their baits. Cereals that may seem like a healthy option often have a high level of sugar added to them. The same goes for fruit juices available in the markets. The preservatives to keep the juices fresh have loads of sugar added to them. 

Pancakes and waffles are also believed to be healthy, but if you look at the recipes, you will realize everything wrong with them. Make them as treats on your favorite days or ditch the traditional recipe and substitute the unhealthy ingredients with healthy ones. This is pretty easy because of the numerous recipes available in a printed form or even online.

Protein-based breakfast

If you are into fitness and hit the gym every day, proteins must be a very dear friend. Muscle building and maintaining muscle mass need proteins. Protein shakes are convenient, but all they do is provide you with that. Whereas when you eat a protein-based breakfast, they keep you full and give several other nutrients and proteins, which will keep you bright and energetic throughout the day. 

Eggs are the most popular high protein level food. They are quick and easy to make and have a hundred different variations, from scrambled eggs to egg benedict. All these recipes make sure you are never bored of them. Bananas, berries, guava, etc., are few fruits that can be included in a quick breakfast meal because they are rich in protein. Try to add pulses like chickpeas, lentils, and kidney, navy, or black beans in your recipe to keep you full and provide you with multiple nutrients along with high levels of proteins. 

Following these tips for your breakfast can help you achieve all your goals in the long run. Stay true to your taste buds and your body with delicious yet healthy breakfasts!

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