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Losing fat without exercise – a thought

The current ongoing pandemic has shown us the importance of staying healthy. Most of us have gained a lot of weight during the lockdown period. For many, weight loss has become one of the most popular workout goals. But what about those who want to lose weight but do not have time to work out? For them, the last option is to lose weight without doing exercise. Yes, you read it right, losing weight without doing exercise. Find it interesting? If yes, then go on to find how we can lose our weight without exercising and also how much is it effective?

Many people will make a quick and unsustainable attempt to lose weight. They’ll go on a strict diet and gym routine, which may cause several health issues. When you reduce your total body fat, it also has a positive impact on your health. Some of the health benefits of decreasing weight are low risk of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and proper sleep.

To lose weight, sometimes it is not necessary to follow a hard exercise plan or workout. There are some easy methods to lose fat without doing proper exercise. 

Methods to lose fat without doing proper exercise.

5-5-5 breathing

The easiest method to lose fat without doing proper exercise is to do 5-5-5 breathing. Breathing is responsible for the vast majority of weight loss. You may not believe it. But according to various studies, when people lose weight, most of it is expelled as carbon dioxide. So, doing the 5-5-5 breathing is one approach to reduce weight without exercising. Inhale deeply for 5 seconds, hold on for 5 seconds, and then exhale slowly for 5 seconds. Do this five times at a particular time twice a day. It will also benefit you in relaxing your mind and reduces stress.

Eat smaller meals

Smaller meals should be consumed more regularly. Try eating several smaller meals of less hundred calories rather than three large meals per day. It will help you to know when you’re actually hungry. And will also help you to reset your food cravings. Using a smaller plate is a simple method to reduce your food portion. It is due to eating on smaller plates can make the same quantity of food look more. This effect is known as the Delboeuf illusion. 

By creating a calories deficit

Except for water, everything that you consume includes calories. Calories intake is the main reason for gaining weight. Therefore, another method to lose fat without exercise is by creating a calories deficit. You must try to consume 10-20% fewer calories than your normal level. 

How will you go on for it? Simply by cutting down food that has high calories intake. You can switch over low-fat dairy products if you want to. Try to add more fruits to your regular diet as they have fewer calories in them. 

To Drink Water Frequently

Your body requires water, which is one of the reasons you’re usually hungry. Sometimes, there is a misconception between dehydration and hunger. If you’re hungry, your body is likely to require water. To quell thirst hunger, drink 6-8 glasses of water every day. Drinking plenty of water will help you to stay hydrated and will make you feel full every time. You must drink water at least after every 1.5 hours a day. 

Getting Full Sleep

Sleeping does not burn fat by itself, but it is an essential aspect of any weight-loss plan. It is primarily because lack of sleep makes most efforts for weight loss more complex. There may be difficulty in pushing yourself to get up and move when you’re not well-rested. 

You may also not be able to manage cravings. When you’re tired, you are likely to eat more junk food. There are two hormones that control human hunger. The first one is Ghrelin, which stimulates appetite and the other one is leptin, which suppresses it. When the body does not get proper sleep, ghrelin levels rise, and leptin levels fall. Due to it, there is an increase in hunger. The majority of humans require between seven and nine hours of sleep per night. 

Adding up Fruits

Another method to lose fat without doing proper exercise is to add fruits to your regular diet. People consume a lot of unhealthy foods that are high in energy but low in nutrition. It is the reason why humans always feel hungry, as the body is continually begging for nutrition. Increasing the number of fruits and vegetables in the diet can be a quick fix. They have a wide range of nutrients in them that function as a defensive mechanism in your body. Also, fruits are low in calories, you can eat them as a substitute for evening snacks. 

Reduce sugar intake

The worst element in today’s diets is sugars. Obesity is most likely to be caused by foods that you might consider healthy, such as diet Coke, cereals, sports drinks, etc. Such foods contain very few whole ingredients and high levels of sugar, preservative, and added flavors. Consuming a large amount of sugar can cause addition in weight. It is because it boosts hunger and the craving for more food.

These are some of the easy and most common methods to lose fat without doing proper exercise. But do these methods give actual benefits to people? And if yes, then don’t we need exercise for weight loss? Let us now understand this concept.

Do we need exercise to reduce body fat?

Exercising for weight loss is a complete option. Yes, this is true. The important thing that we need to reduce fat is to have a caloric deficit. The only way to reduce our calories intake is by consuming food with low calories and high proteins and fibers. Fruits, oats, and vegetables are good sources of both proteins and fibers. To consume fewer calories doesn’t mean that you have to do regular fasting to reduce your calories. Varies studies have found that all the above methods are useful and necessary in your weight-loss journey.

So does it mean that our bodies do not need daily exercise? The answer is No. There is a difference between losing weight and making our bodies fit. If you are losing weight to maintaining your body muscles, then exercising is a must with your low calory diet. 


Weight loss is one of the most common workout goals for many people. However, many people wish to lose weight but are unable to do so due to a lack of time to exercise. The last resort for them is to lose weight without engaging in any physical activity. There are many methods to lose fat without doing proper exercise. But do these methods are vital in the weight loss journey? According to several studies, the methods listed above are beneficial and necessary in your weight-loss journey.

Exercising to lose weight is a viable option. If you’re trying to lose weight to maintain your muscles, you’ll need to combine your low-calorie diet with exercise.

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