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Staying healthy during the holidays

Holidays bring a lot of happiness, new hopes, and along with it millions of sweets, junk food. Holidays are undoubtedly one of the best times to appreciate each other’s presence a little more and get rebonded with every lost connection in the past few months. It’s a cherry on the cake for your cravings and taste buds, but is it worth it, for your belly or that weighing scale waiting for you to have that guilt trip after the holidays?

It’s indeed necessary to enjoy and celebrate holidays to the fullest. They don’t come now and then, right? But along with eating and enjoying our favorite dishes, you have to keep your health in check, you have to remind yourself that you are on a healthy journey, for a better and healthier version of yourself.

To have a healthy holiday, here are a few tips:

Avoid stress eating:

Stress eating is a real pain in the ass. You tend to eat more and more while you’re stressing about almost everything. From an invitation to hosting a party. Family members, friends, colleges, none should be let away from any of the events. And it is pretty hard to keep a check on your meals, diet during this time. Staying healthy during such stressful holidays is necessary, you won’t let yourself fall sick at the actual party, right?

Stay hydrated:

Though it’s general advice, we cannot stress this advice enough, to stay hydrated during holidays. You get in so much rush, that you most probably forget to drink enough water. Water is 60% present in our body, and one has to maintain the percentage to keep healthy. Because you need to maintain some basic body functions as well like maintaining cell fluids and delivering nutrients as well. You have to take water and fluids in one form or another. But not the alcoholic or high calories drinks, they tend to make you feel full and heavy. During holidays, and event parties try to include water in between your cocktails. You won’t believe what magic it can do to your body. 

Wash your hands frequently:

While shopping and arranging stuff for the party you have to touch a million things and get along with a zillion germs as well. You don’t like to do that, after all, it’s after 2 long years that we all can celebrate at least some festivals with our favorite ones. Either use gloves or wash your hands thoroughly to keep a check on your health.

According to research, around 48 million people get sick from a foodborne illness each year. 

Eat rightly and mindfully:

The festive season is every foodie’s favorite season. You have to enjoy each of those cravings you had yearly. But, don’t let that yearly effort of yours go and get it wasted during just a few days of holidays. You have to keep an eye on what you eat and how much you eat. Alissa Rumsey, a renowned dietician, nutrition therapist of New York, and an owner of Alissa Rumsey Nutrition and Wellness says,’ when the attention shifts from your body, redirect it back to your internal fullness and satisfaction cues’. You must have heard about the fact it might take a few hours for your body to use a signal of,” I’m full”, so you have to take some time for your stomach to send your body to receive those signs and stop eating. When you give yourself time to understand this, you eat exactly how much you want to. 

Never attend a party empty stomach, as we all joke sometimes. It won’t only make you eat more but will also give you a very pleasant morning the very next day.

Replace junk food with some healthy substitutes:

If you have been and want to continue on your healthy lifestyle journey, then you don’t want to ruin it with loads and loads of dessert and junk food. With some simple diet and modification with the right substitute, you can create a wonderful diet for yourself, which will keep you healthiest. Let’s say, replacing cream or toppings with healthy yogurt, which will help you in digestion throughout your day. Making vegetable, fruit dips instead of packages and heavy dips. Avoid cheese, if you can and if you are a cheese lover like any other person today, the latte cheese like soft goat cheese, cottage cheese is good to go, the Denver one is dense in calories as well, keep that in mind. 

Salads are your escape during parties, loads of fresh veggies with yogurt and you’re good to go. If you are highly dedicated and don’t want to leave a slight chance of getting obsessed over food, then prepare your meal, and take it for a party, it’s okay if you take your meal, and if you’ve got friends who didn’t support and encourage while doing so, then you might it wanna change to a good company too. 

Don’t stop moving:

From one bus to another, or from one cab to another is quite a deal, but you don’t want to keep that body habitual of it. You have to move your body to stay fit and at least put some effort into keeping up with that stamina. If you are too busy and feel it is hard to work out for 1 hour or even 30 minutes then 15 minutes are good enough, just to be on the track. It’s not necessary that you have to go to a gym to have that ideal body. Remember, it’s not about how much weight you pull off in a day, it’s about how consistent you were in reaching that stage of yours. 

Me time is the best holiday self-gift!:

Holidays have the potential to take a toll on our mental as well as emotional health. When everybody around you gathers and to entertain and have a remembering night for everybody. It’s very natural to feel questions as this is enough. 

But you shouldn’t, instead, you should take every saying taunt, lie as a compliment, and just try to go with the flow. In between the shopping, listen to your favorite artist, do some skincare to put your best foot forward as a host, and you’re ready to rock the parties.

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