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7 ways to lose weight by eating delicious food

If you have always had a sweet tooth or crave all the heavy junk food then dieting to lose weight can be overwhelming for you. It is difficult to have an overall lifestyle change just within a few days or so. But if you have decided to bring the change and get fitter, then yes, it is worth everything. But doing something without being fully motivated won’t show much effect right, you’ve to get fit along with fulfilling your cravings.

Calorie deficit and portion control are your go-to answers if you want to enjoy your favorite and get in shape or get fit in general. Maintaining a proper portion-controlled diet can help you transform yourself. If you want to lose weight, you must try being on a calorie deficit. Here are some amazing tips to lose your weight along with eating delicious food by nerds health:

Get a healthy plan:

Making healthy choices can be a little overwhelming but it’s necessary if you want to see some changes in yourself. A healthy meal plan must not include processed food and more natural food. Like fruits, whole grain food, vegetables, lots of nuts, and pulses. It should be a balanced one, including all essential nutrients, like carbohydrates, protein, fats. Eat everything you want to, just eat in portion control. Natural foods are generally low in calories and that’s why they can help you feel fuller and not even increase the weight too. 

If you can’t get enough of your sweet cravings, then you must eat and add fruits, jaggery to your diet as snacks. When you are following any kind of diet, after continuing it a few times, you must bring some moderation into it. When you will grind yourself and will start watching changes in your body, you will choose nutritious food over any processed food.

Using psychology to have less intake of calories:

Having food on a smaller plate can make you eat less. Though many people say it’s a myth, it’s indeed not because it has shown immense results to many people. It is said that you must take all the nutritions equally on one plate when you take food. So if it’s a smaller one, then you tend to take up less food too. 

Indeed, the human brain is the most complex of all, and it works most incredibly for almost everything. It’s like tricking your brain into eating less. If you’ve large bowls or plates, you will automatically feel that you’ve eaten less and will try to refill it again and again. So try to have meals on smaller plates.

Include protein in our diet:

Including protein can help you feel fuller and will also be helpful in burning that fat effectively. It can make you lose more weight rapidly and then you gain muscles by turning it into muscle fat. Protein can help you increase your metabolism, making you digest your food a lot faster, and also it is more beneficial than any other macronutrient. When you intake more protein in your diet, then your body will automatically release more calories in order to digest and process it, not like fats or carbs which would get rigidly stacked as your belly fat. 

Research says that the intake of more protein makes you eat a lot less and thus you are less hungry than ever. It makes you lose more weight, even though you’re full. Some Strength training, weight lifting and now you can easily gain muscles too. If you lift the weight, you do lose more weight. After all, you burn calories even if you’re asleep because your muscle tissues are active. If you will have animal food then you will automatically have fewer calories in your overall day. 

Set achievable goals:

People get into fitness and automatically set unrealistic goals of losing insane amounts of fat. Setting unrealistic goals of getting fit in that one particular dress of small size and getting that perfect Instagram picture. If you achieve even 5-10 % of what you’ve thought for yourself then indeed it is commendable but setting the bar so high and expecting your body to become a fat-burning machine overnight is an act of foolishness. 

When you set achievable goals, and you achieve them then you feel good about yourself, your body that you’ve done something great, and your stamina is developed more than ever. It helps you enhance your overall health, maintain your cholesterol level, lower down your blood and sugar level as well. 

You must not lose too much weight nor lose even 1 pound per week. It should be sustainable and you must be consistent in your fitness journey. Understand your body and give it some time to adapt to new things.

Reward yourself:

Understanding the basics of your own body and knowing how it works and how much time it needs to either build muscles or lose weight. You must reward yourself for understanding the basics of your body and shredding some ponds. If you’re not losing weight but still can do more exercise and that too for a longer period of time, then yes you need to celebrate it.

When you achieve something, reward yourself pat your back and if you want to get some dessert for yourself then yes go for it too. Just never be hard on yourself, pushing yourself to do more and more reps is something different and literally punishing your body to not perform how you want it to be, then it’s a different case altogether.

You just have to keep yourself happy by rewarding yourself with tasty food. You just shouldn’t eat because you’re bored and you need something to chew. It’s not an option but be your own competitor, earn your favorite meals, eat guilt-free and yes, it will taste better than before.

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