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7 best foods to eat to lose weight

You are here, reading this article because you probably want to lose weight or are still waiting for Monday to start your fitness, weight loss journey. Let us tell you that a sustainable weight loss journey isn’t about a few weeks or some other crash diets. It’s about changing the whole lifestyle altogether. 

From your food habits to taking stairs instead of lifts. These are the small changes that must be there to have a better lifestyle and eventually a lot better health. 

For weight loss specifically, one should eat nutritious food, including lots of protein, fiber which helps in digestion. There must be a balanced diet accordingly. Eating multigrain, beans, vegetables, protein-rich products are directly associated with weight loss or getting fitter. And packed, processed foods, beverages containing a high amount of sugar, must be avoided if you are planning to lose weight.

The right food and a lot of physical activity go hand in hand during weight loss. Though, the requirement of everybody is different and so does the body react differently, even if they follow the same diet. 

Below, we have mentioned the 7 best foods to eat to lose weight.


There is no way, someone will talk about weight loss, the food one should eat during weight loss, and won’t include eggs in it. Eggs are most popular for breakfast but different dishes like egg curry are also included in dinner. The egg is rich in protein and it keeps you full for longer. 

Recent studies have shown a significant difference between the people who eat eggs and other packed foods for their meals. And the results were pretty obvious. As the ones eating eggs were fuller for longer and the other ones were hungry even before 3 hours. They also checked their hunger hormone, the egg group had normal hunger hormone. But the packed food-eating ones had lower blood sugar as well insulin levels.


Yogurt is counted as one of the best foods for weight loss. Though, it doesn’t actually contribute to weight loss directly but is part of it. Be it traditional yogurt or the new ones now in the trend. All of them help in the proper digestion of the food. So no matter if you went ahead from your portion size some days. You still gonna have clear digestion, only if you added yogurt in your meal or even added it as a snack sometimes.


Though, grapefruit has been working like magic for many people, especially for the one who is almost diabetic. But it doesn’t always work for everyone. 

For the ones, it has worked, they have seen some tremendous changes in their body. Just by eating half a grapefruit before each meal, people have lost around 3-4 pounds in 12 weeks or so. But yet again, everybody works differently and so does losing weight. 

Some people prefer grapefruit juice over grapefruit, mostly because it requires less effort and is also easy to digest, and keeps you full for longer. But no one should ever take it without consulting any specialist. Or if you are on any medications.


Nuts are a must-add item for your weight loss journey. They are rich in protein and fiber, which are directly helpful in losing weight and developing a better digestive system altogether. Nuts are also known as one of the main components of healthy fats. They contain most of the nutrients beneficial for different states of the body, only if eaten in moderation.

Studies have shown that two sets of women were given 50 grams of almonds each day individually for a couple of months during their weight loss diet. After a few months, the set of the women having nuts as almonds significantly lost more weight than the ones not having it. Their blood sugar levels were controlled. The waistline was shorter and there was an overall change in their BMI as well. A study in Europe also shows that the people who consume almonds, and other nuts for years have gained less weight than the ones who didn’t. 

A proper diet with regular movement of the body can lead a long way. 


Breakfast is often considered one of the most important meals of the day. And having something healthy, of nutrients, which also keeps you full is the cherry on the cake. Oatmeal is one such. 

People often consider cereal or cornflakes over oatmeal for breakfast. Though both are easy to prepare, cereals take a lot of time, and instead of putting some constructive effort into a healthy meal, people go for something instant. Though, for the ones who do take time for themselves, i.e for the body are fuller, have higher energy. Both portions of cereal, as well as oatmeal, have the same amount of calories whatsoever. But oatmeal contains beta-glucan, a type of soluble fiber that can show significant results in people eating oatmeal.

Beans, chickpeas, (pulses):

Pulses are one of the richest sources of protein and fiber when it comes to diet for vegetarians. Pulses like beans, peas, lentils altogether are best for keeping yourself full. They are so helpful when it comes to contributing to a diet for weight loss because of their protein as well as fiber content.

Oatmeal contains soluble fiber that helps in slowing down the process of digestion as well absorption. The same soluble fiber is present in the pulses. It is high in protein that leads to the feeling of fullness. Pulses help in not only losing weight significantly but also in maintaining weight after you lose weight.


One of the healthiest foods when it comes to weight loss is avocados. Avocados are full of fiber as well as healthy fats. Avocados are often considered one of the best fruits or eating them to maintain a static BMI, even after you lose the desired weight. It not only helps you in weight loss but also in a better appetite, you want to eat more fruits, vegetables when you add avocados to your diet. Their metabolic syndrome is maintained and they are not likely to consume more sugar.

These were some of the best foods to eat to lose weight. But instead of tally changing our lifestyle at one go. Try to step by step, meal by meal. Try to first choose grilled over baked, fried, packed food.

Make healthy choices like boiled chicken, eggs, pulses.  

Eat fruits, jaggery instead of chocolates when you crave sugar. 

Lastly, try to eat everything portion controlled. You always have better options, when it comes to food.

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