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How To Stay Hydrated?

While keeping up with loads and loads of healthy habits for a healthy life, we often forget to pay attention to the basics. And sometimes basics are the most important contribution to your goal. This certainly includes the habit of keeping yourself hydrated.

How hard is just drinking some water? Yes, it sounds that simple, but we all know how difficult it is to meet the desired water intake. And you may think this is the end, but it is not. There’s so much more to dehydration than just drinking water. Well, luckily, everything you need to know about this topic is right here!

Why is it important to keep yourself hydrated?

Before we dive into ways of keeping ourselves hydrated, let’s understand why it is crucial. Dehydration can cause several things in our body to go wrong. This includes temporary side effects as well as some long-term damage to our body and lifestyle. A hydrated body has the most efficient organ system along with a good digestive system. Along with that, they have a good and stable nutritional source for their cells, simultaneously dodging infections and other illnesses.

Not only does staying hydrated enhance bodily functions, but it also improves cognitive functions and lifestyle. You will notice your sleep cycle improving drastically if you maintain proper hydration habits. Dehydration can also cause an irritated or foul mood in your everyday life. So once your body receives the nourishing properties it needs, you will automatically feel livelier and happier. In short, hydration plays a significant part in a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Effective ways to stay hydrated

Searching and following various methods of staying hydrated can be very beneficial for you since you will be protected from dehydration without any room for weakness. Here are some of the best ways to keep your body hydrated throughout the day:-

Set water consumption goals:

We know you saw this one coming, but you cannot possibly keep yourself hydrated without this method. Health experts around the world advise the consumption of around 2-3 liters of water per day. Water helps flush toxins from your body by cleansing the kidney. To state it simply, water acts like a filter that gets rid of all the build-up dirt. This process helps to refresh your body and make you feel energetic.

Considering our busy schedules these days, we are often unable to meet our desired water consumption levels. If your issue is that you often forget to drink water, then it may be useful to set reminders on your phone or laptop. We are rarely away from our devices, and hence this is the perfect way to remember this. Buy yourself a new bottle you like to keep yourself motivated. 

If drinking water bores you or you dislike drinking it so often, then you can try alternatives like:

  1. You can add natural ingredients to your water. Cucumber water can energize you in seconds with a unique taste to it. You can try out various fruit additions as well until you find your favourite ones. Other drinks can also hydrate you, but it might do more harm than benefit if it consists mainly of sugar or caffeine.
  1. Smoothies – You can make a smoothie out of anything, from nutritious vegetable smoothies to yummy fruit smoothies.
  1. Soups – A hot bowl of soup can make your day as well as your body’s day. Don’t forget to grab the opportunity and add lots of veggies to it. You can add chicken for some protein as well.
  1. Lemonade – Nothing can re-energize you like a glass of lemonade can. For best benefits, try using a natural sweetener in place of sugar.
  1. Milk – milk has excellent hydrating properties; some sources say even better than water! So don’t hesitate to add a glass of milk to your diet plan.

Keep up with the weather:

You have to work your way around the weather to lead a fun and fit lifestyle. If you are prone to dehydration, then always keep a keen eye on the weather news. Don’t step out of the house unless you need to if the temperature is high. If it is unavoidable, then try and dodge the hours where the sun’s rays are strong. Always remember to carry a bottle of cold water with you. You have to compensate with your body by consuming liquids after sweating a lot or working out.

Another important factor is to dress yourself according to the weather. Dark clothes, thick material, or layered clothing options can be harmful to you in hot weather. They cause sweating, which can lead to rapid dehydration. Wear light tones and flowy designs when you step out. Add a hat, cap, or scarf to the outfit if you feel the need to. And don’t forget to walk in the shade!

Adjust your diet

Just because liquids contribute the major share in the work doesn’t mean solid foods don’t help. Several vegetables like cucumbers, broccoli, celery, tomatoes, spinach, etc. have high water content. Fruits such as strawberries, watermelon, grapefruit, etc. mainly consist of water and can be very useful for hydrating yourself. Try to add at least one water-rich food source to your daily diet.

Pay attention

Dehydration can cause severe weakness and can lead to the individual having sunstrokes too. Pay attention and look out for symptoms that may indicate that you are dehydrated. If you experience dehydration often, then always carry ORS packs or something sweet with you. Common signs of dehydration include skin rashes or irritation, headaches, fainting/feeling dizzy, and as on.

Consistency makes everything easier over time. If you work on yourself and adapt to these habits, you won’t have to worry about dehydration anytime soon. Don’t make a schedule or a diet that would be impossible to follow. Be true and honest to yourself while designing the timetable. Slow changes will gradually become a part of daily life, and you stop feeling that following these tips are a task. Keep hustling, and don’t forget to hydrate yourself!

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